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Bloody horse flies....

♥Jul. 6th, 2017 // 02:27 pm

The horse flies have been leaving me alone to a surprising extent over the last week or so. I was starting to wonder if new Mr Up The Hill (another one of us poor blighted folk who is beloved of insects) was running interference for me, as I'd had no bites in ages.

Sadly, it wasn't to be: yesterday, they started before I'd even left the stableyard, and I collected half a dozen bites as well as killing a few more before they got far enough to leave a lump.

(My guess is that the second generation was delayed by the dry weather, and that we're now n days from some rain, where n is the time taken for them to go through their pre-bitey stage of life.)

One of them, on my arm, is much nastier-looking than usual, with a big, hot swollen area around it: we decided that it was a bit worrying and so consulted the local hospital app (it works out your best A&E/MI unit based on current waiting and driving times, utterly genius) and headed off to a health centre near Whitstable with a minor injuries unit.

After a little convincing the nurse that no, really, I get bitten a lot and I know when it's worse than usual, and a bit of worried confusion when he thought that the lump was all the way up my arm (solved when he looked at my other arm and muttered 'oh, you have good muscle definition!'), he sent me off to the chemist for better antihistamines than I'd already been taking and told me to keep an eye on it.

As they're drowsy antihistamines, I'm hoping that they'll do the job quickly and not leave me unable to drive at weekend....
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♥Apr. 11th, 2017 // 05:46 pm

I'm not having a very good week of it.

Two days ago, I fell off the folding chair I was standing on to water the veg seedlings in the conservatory (yes, yes, I know. The new stepladder arrived today).

Today, I've managed to slide down the stairs after slipping on the power cord of the fan I was carrying down in an attempt to speed up the defrosting of the freezer....

I suspect I'll have an even more impressive collection of bruises tomorrow, and -- most annoying of all -- I've scuffed my fresh nail varnish. Still, if that's all the harm that's been done then I should be glad.

Well, other than to the fan. That'll be off to the tip with the next batch of stuff.
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Miss Whiplash

♥Dec. 21st, 2016 // 07:23 pm
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(Only not in the fun way.)

My neck's been getting steadily more painful over the last few days, so today Mike drove me to the physio to get it checked out. Much poking and prodding later, he happily told me that he was fairly sure that I hadn't cracked an vertebrae: yay?

What he does think is that I've got whiplash from coming off Bugs, which probably also means that I didn't catch Mike's illness, I just had headaches and feeling crap and aching because the whiplash was developing. This explains why I didn't get various other symptoms, like a fever and a cough.

On the way there, we stopped off at John Lewis to look at fabric samples for the new sofas we're planning on getting. They had an ex-display coffee table of the model we we also planning on getting, so that came home with us. Half price with a couple of tiny chips to the corners suits us just fine!

Now I just need to order my own copies of the fabrics that we liked, so that we can look at them some more and start thinking about curtains.
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♥Dec. 10th, 2016 // 03:02 pm
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This morning, Mike went out to give the boys their breakfast and found Bugsy happily eating the front lawn.

I must have not quite latched his door last night, and then he smashed his way through the chain that's there as a second line of defence (this was odd, as previously he's just gone under it).

In retrospect, this explains the happy horse noises I heard outside late last night: at the time, I just assumed it was TWWOTV's mares and a weird echo / sound reflection, which we get plenty of. I'm surprised that GB wasn't shouting, though. He had sweat marks on his coat this morning, and his stable was a complete state (for the first time since we've been here, I just threw away his whole bed and gave him a new one. Contrast with Bugsy, who gets this about once a fortnight), so he'd obviously spent the night being a big bundle of stress.

My back was feeling much better, if still sore, yesterday morning, which was fortunate because Mike was in London so I had the whole stableyard to do on my own. My back is feeling much worse today. I have learnt my lesson and Mike will be doing the mucking out for the next couple of days.

Some experimentation has shown that the ducks will neither eat nor use their pond indoors. When Mike moved the pond outside and refilled it this morning, they charged over to have a bath and Agnes (who has a bad leg and spends a lot of time in there) doesn't seem to have left it since except when they had their corn. We're being careful about getting rid of left-over food before to corvids notice it, but I don't really think that there's much else we can do: there's no point stressing them to death to avoid the risk of catching 'flu.

We went, with a certain amount of trepidation, to get a Christmas tree this morning. Last year, when we went on the equivalent of yesterday, we had great trouble finding one. Today, though, the little garden centre had a good dozen that were much nicer than the one we ended up with last year, and the one we bought seems to be very suitable: nicely symmetrical, branches not starting too low down, no enormous bald spike on top. Phew.

Mike seems to be coming down with another cold. I have explained that this is Just Not On, as it's currently *my* turn to be lying around feeling pathetic, but he's insistent on having it. Men!
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Bloody animals

♥Dec. 8th, 2016 // 05:18 pm
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As we do, we rode the horses this morning. Even though it was a bit windy, Bugsy was very well behaved for me, and we started doing some (for him) fairly complicated sequences of movements. He did really well the first time through, and the second time was also going great until he caught sight of TWWOTV's two mares charging around on the side of the hill and took off after them.

In much the same way as Mike really needs to stop landing on the same shoulder every time, I really need to stop landing (almost) flat on my back. Trotting afterwards was incredibly uncomfortable.

"I'm starting to wonder if we should keep him," Mike said.

Still, I'm doing better than I was: I still can't bend over but I can now crouch down. Getting back up again is pretty horrific, mind. Pooch is wondering why she's not getting stroked as much as usual, and indeed why I keep making peculiar noises when she head-butts me to make sure I'm aware of the deficiency.

This will rather play silly buggers with plans for the next few days, including how long Mike manages to get to the office for tomorrow (rather depends on whether I can muck out; I couldn't today), the amusing scene of Mike attempting to get the Christmas tree into the car on his own on Saturday, and quite probably Mike having to porter Christmas presents and wrapping paper around the house on Sunday as I get things ready to send off.

Poor Mike's had to do everything today, including holding GB for the dreaded blood test of doom. Still, he didn't get smashed into the wall, so that's a win.
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Done! (I think.)

♥Apr. 13th, 2016 // 07:58 pm
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This afternoon, I Caught Up (what on earth is that solicitor thinking? Presumably soon someone will remember that Carol's daughter is a barrister, yes? I do hope he dies, but I doubt that it will as that would make things too simple) and did some sewing: I think that my 30-themed quilt is now done, and it's turned out to be fairly close to my original sketch, except that I abandoned the idea of needle felting some sheep onto the background. I'd quite like to have something alive in November, but I can't really think what: there's not much space, maybe a crow in the tree?


(Click for much bigger!)

This afternoon, just as one of the afternoon's flash squalls kicked in, I noticed that the ducks were in the field.

The boys were over at the other side, but I feared that there would be trouble later when the boys started hanging around the gate looking for their dinners so I went out to move them. Esk immediately went back to the stableyard: good duck! Maggers and Agnes, however, headed further up the field. Until the boys came over to see if it was time for dinner and getting out of the suddenly heavier rain, at which they tried their best to get into the stableyard but did so by trying to get through the fence, not the gate. The boys got quite interested / excited by this, possibly because they were worried about what was scaring the girls (that would be: the boys, with a small side helping of 'oops, we're not supposed to be in here and the human's come to chase us away').

Agnes did her best to squeeze through the fence, which gave me a chance to grab her and lift her over, but Magrat turned tail and ran up the hill. GB excitedly followed suit, and unfortunately that brought his back leg into contact with my shoulder: ow.

(Magrat did the sensible thing, finally, at this point and dashed under the gate while the boys were distracted by running around.)

Fortunately, it was just a glancing blow, and I think it's just going to be a bruise: I've got full movement in it, it's just A Bit Sore. Even more fortunately, it's not so sore that I couldn't drive to the station to pick Mike up, although I struggled a bit with roundabouts!

Oh, and I got soaked. Lovely.

Tomorrow, we need to do something about the gate. It has got chicken wire under it, but I think something larger than a duck is pushing under it and bending it out of shape. Maybe a bit of wood across that corner?
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♥Jan. 23rd, 2015 // 03:00 pm
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I've been a bit of a klutz, lately. In the last week, I've bashed one elbow cleaning the fish tank (spectacular bruise) and the other one on a bolt sticking out of the tack room door (whilst moving sacks of bedding). This afternoon, I got the sticky-out bit of my ankle on the dishwasher door while I was emptying it. Ouch. Enough now.

Fortunately, none of those was likely to cause me any problems at Pilates this morning. Unfortunately, Pilates this morning was boooooring. She seems to be determined not to let me do anything other than stretches; if I happen to be there when no one else is, I'll speak to her about it, but I think I'm just going to use up the sessions I've paid for and then stop. I think the problem is that it's got to the stage where everyone who goes to her session was there because they have something broken, except for me. Then my shoulder was bad, so now I'm broken too (even though it's absolutely fine now - I do keep an eye on it!) and thus must do granny exercises, which is not what I do Pilates for. (Whether or not I am just very slow to realise this is an open question: it might explain why the non-broken people have drifted away since she took over the class, although it may just be that the old instructor is teaching somewhere else now and they've followed her!)

This afternoon in the woods, Mike asked what that red stuff on Jo's face was. I had a look and realised it was blood: I carefully wiped it all off, and determined that it wasn't coming out of Jodie, which was a small mystery. Which was solved shortly after when I realised that my hands now stank of badger.... Washed the blood off in a puddle, and dried them on my jods (needed washing anyway) but had to do the rest of the walk without putting my hands into my pockets to avoid contaminating my coat. (I guess she was sniffing in a hole that an injured badger had gone through.)

Saudi royal succession? Boggle.
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♥Dec. 8th, 2014 // 02:36 pm
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Tooth fixed, thankfully. I called this morning, and the receptionist old me to just come along and it Would Get Done, so I settled in for a long wait but was actually in with Dentist less than half an hour later. I was worried it would be sore when the injections (owwww!) wore off, but it seems not to be.

Face is still sore and manky, though: I spent the journey from the car to the dentist with a scarf wrapped over my face feeling glad it was chilly! Chatting to the girls at the dentist, they recommended Sudocrem, and I thought "Ah! I've got some in the barn!" but then I got home and looked at it. It's very obvious that I have it in the barn to put on sores on the horses' feet, and it doesn't look terribly sterile. I've got a tube of "horse wound cream", though, and I think it's basically the same thing....?
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Divers alarums

♥Dec. 7th, 2014 // 08:41 am
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Well, we made it to the party, and had a lovely time: Jo was a bit bemused by all the people, but was very well behaved other than a certain amount of staring longingly at people's plates.

And then, as we were walking out of the house, she pulled on her lead and sent me flying.

Back into the house, and blood everywhere, and a chunk out of my front tooth. Ice pack in hand, Mike drove me into town to my dentist's house, where she determined that the tooth can wait until Monday and gave me drugs, and then home again.

I look an absolutely fright, and still feel rather shocky, but I think I'm ok. Sorry to anyone I dripped on, and thanks to B and C for both a lovely evening and helping out when I came in streaming with blood!
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Vets and physios

♥Oct. 31st, 2014 // 04:22 pm
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Just back from taking Jo to the vet, as she's still very itchy. He de-botted her flop (or possible de-flopped her bot) again and said to keep an eye on her for the next 48 hours to see if she stops chewing her legs and then starts up again. If she does, we're to add bran to her food. If she doesn't, it might be an allergy (they've had a lot, with it being such a mild autumn) so we'll try a pill and a half of Zirtec each day. She seemed full of beans when we got back home and went to get the boys in, so maybe it is just her glands.

I came back from the physio with new exercises, after she made pleased-sounding noises at me: I'd gone from the Wrong Muscle doing about 80% of the work to about 20%. Should be zero, but that's progress. Plus, this time she's given me standing up exercises, after I explained that I was struggling to do them some days on account of not sitting down for large chunks of the day.

I had a moment of joy when I came back from Pilates to find the gate at the end of the valley was open. I drove through keeping an eye out for cows, and ready to go back and close it if I saw them, but they weren't there so I left the gate at this end open as well. But then Mike saw TWWOTV later and she said that the bin men had left it open and it was supposed to be closed: not sure if they'd wandered off or what, but they weren't there (though the gates were closed) when I got back from the vet.

No sign of the road repair guys, although they have turned around (so that it's visible) the sign at the top of the hill warning that the road will be closed for three days from 30 October. Um.
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♥Oct. 24th, 2014 // 04:39 pm
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I was pleased to be seeing the physio today, because my shoulder was even more sore this morning than it was yesterday....

Her conclusion is that my joints are a bit hypermobile, and because of something I didn't entirely follow this means that some of my muscles are too strong and others aren't doing enough (eg, when she had me my raise my arms over my head, I was actually doing a lot of the work with my neck muscles instead of my shoulders). And my shoulder joints aren't quite properly in the sockets (not sure if that was cause or effect.) It's been building up for a while, and just finally got to the point where my body couldn't compensate enough any more, hence the pain.

She's given me a few exercises to do over the next week (which mostly consist of keeping my shoulders back and down, so that the joint is in the right position), mostly to get things back in the right place, and then I'll go back next week to get some exercises that I should then be in a position to do. And that, plus her speaking to Pilates Girl to make some changes to my routine, should fix it. Hopefully.

The farrier had a poke at Baby's foot, cut a bit off and confirmed that he had just torn it a bit (probably on some flint): keep doing what we've been doing for a week or so and it should be fine.

I was hoping to ride GB, on the off chance that it was daily gentle exercise that made him a bit better yesterday. But it's grey and raining and my shoulders hurt so, yeah.

I changed Mike's plaster this morning, which may have been a mistake. We're going to leave it for a couple of days, this time, and hope that it scabs better....
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N Things

♥Oct. 23rd, 2014 // 07:44 pm
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- My shoulder really hurts. Waa. Physio tomorrow.

- Mike's finger also hurts, after a scissor-related incident this afternoon in the kitchen.

- GB hopefully doesn't hurt anywhere, after a week on the 'bute. Yesterday, he was Not Good when I rode him. Today, he was better but still Not Right. I phoned the Back Lady at home and left a piteous message with her husband. We'll see if she gets back to me.

- Baby has a bit of a manky foot; we've been cleaning it out and the farrier will pop in tomorrow (as he's doing The Horse Next Door anyway).

- The Road Guys still haven't reappeared, but have at least replaced the 'Road Closed' signs with ones saying that the road will be closed from the 30th for three days.

- Which, I've just realised, might be a problem: our Riding Instructor happened to mention to another client that we were looking for a horse (actually, probably two: one for each of us, because Mike and Baby just aren't progressing like they should be), and this woman said she might be interested in Baby for her other half. And she phoned today and we arranged that she'd come down on Thursday. Hmm. Note to self: ride him as much as possible over the next week.

- It also might be a problem on account of how the road is full of cows, and I really can't see the Road Guys agreeing to work with them around. In one of those mysterious coincidences, the cows were by the main road and Not Very Near Neighbour phoned Bad Farmer to say she was worried about one of the calves. The next morning, they were in the valley, out of sight. Spooky.

- We had Alison and M staying at the start of the week. On Saturday, Mike's entire family, yea unto the third generation, is arriving for the weekend (and his mother is staying on afterwards). There has been much doing of laundry and making up of beds. Also, on Mike's part, baking.

- We've had no mobile phone signal since early on Saturday afternoon (I mean, actually none, not just the very small amount that we usually get). This afternoon, Mike phoned Virgin to ask when the mast would be back in action, and was bizarrely told that, as they had no report of the mast being down, they needed him to try to make five phone calls in 24 hours, at least half an hour apart, and then email him the details of them. He did actually do it, but I can't honestly see any reason why he couldn't have just made it up. I think I'll ask Mrs Next Door to report it to ee, as it's their mast and she has a contract with them.

- I've got a few possible horses that I'd like to look at. Need to wait until the family have departed, though.

- We've started moving the boys across the field. They have already eaten the new bit bare.... They're nearly as bad as the ducks!
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[insert muttering along the lines of 'and this is what we pay our taxes and/or bills for?']

♥Oct. 17th, 2014 // 03:12 pm
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So, having not shown up at all on Tuesday, the road guys came on Wednesday, hung around chatting / doing some cash-in-hand work for TWWOTV, and then did a half-arsed job of clearing the gravel from the road before vanishing at about 2pm.

They haven't been seen since, although at some point they took away their steamroller (which can't actually be called that any more, can it?).... roadworks.org now lists the end date as Monday, rather than Wednesday, so presumably they are still going to do two days of work, just Not Yet.

I'm somewhat irritated that they've just left the 'road closed' signs at either end of the road, and wonder how many delivery drivers have decided not to risk it. Fortunately, the vet did risk it yesterday (doubly fortunate, as neither the message that she should go the long way around nor the message that they hadn't turned up so she was ok to come down the hill had actually been passed on to her by the office staff), so GB has had another blood sample taken (predictable response; no actual injury to me, which was a win) and Baby had a couple of little lumps and bumps pronounced 'just keep an eye on it' level of interest.

Last time we had a riding lesson, our instructor suggested just putting him on 'bute (horse ibuprofen), to see if it fixed his leg and generally made his life easier. I'm a bit twitchy about the idea, as it's not something they're meant to take long-term, but given his age 'long-term' isn't such a great length of time as it would be for, say Baby. When I raised it as a vague idea to the vet, she whipped out her metaphorical prescription pad before I was half way through the suggestion. Unfortunately, she'd been giving out a lot of the stuff already that day, so I said I'd go into the surgery today and pick up a box.

This morning, knowing what they're like, I allowed fifteen minutes for the process of walking into the surgery, being given the box of 'bute, paying and leaving. Stupidly, I forgot to leave another ten minutes for the failing to find the prescription, the finding of another vet who knows GB, the conversation with that vet about why I wanted it (actually, that was about thirty seconds: "He's getting a bit stiff, is he?" "Well, he's got a problem in his nearside hind that-" "Yeah, sure, I'll sign it."), the faffing, the sorting out the error on my invoice for last month*, the figuring out just why there was a £110 credit on my account from January**, the explaining that actually I was going to get the discounted price for the vet's visit*** on account of their credit card machine wasn't working when I tried to pay for it yesterday and, of course, the waiting for the person coming the other way through the gate to figure out that he had to press the button to open it (after which he drove to the car park entrance and parked in not-actually-a-space, so that I had to reverse half way around the stableyard so that the person behind him could actually get into the carpark; the person behind and I exchanged bemused looks as he went into the surgery, oblivious).

* which I phoned them about weeks ago and never got a reply to; we figured out that I'd phoned to pay***, told them it was for w, x and y, but only w and y got put on my account when they did the recording for the day, followed later by z, so there was just a random amount of z-x to pay, to which, naturally, I said 'what is this? that number appears nowhere on my charges'.
** looks like the vet never actually logged the visit in which she took blood, sent it off for testing, and gave them their jabs. Again, I'd phoned to pay on the day*** and just told them what I was paying for.
*** if you pay on the day, it's £10 for the call-out fee (on the day when they're in your area anyway). If you don't, it's £26. (If you want a vet on when it's not their day to be in your area or to do a job that takes longer than about half an hour, it's More). Unfortunately, this means that people are paying before the vet has handed in her list of what she's done that day, so you just have to guess. Previous Horse Vets had a 'pay within seven days for the discount' rule, and that was a lot less hassle.

The actual vets there are good, but their admin team leaves something to be desired (see above re: not actually telling the vet that the road was closed / open).

And then I Pilated, which was actually a bit painful: I've been waking up with a sore shoulder (not the one I hurt) for a month or so, and it's been taking longer and longer to stop hurting each day, but today it actually hurt during Pilates. Mike, having had enough of the increasing whinging each morning, had already told me to see what Pilates Girl said, and what she said was 'Hmm, that's worrying, you should go and see Downstairs about it', so I have a session booked with one of the physios for after Pilates next week.

Jo has had her first shower of the season, having done a really impressive job of coating her head and back in badger poo followed by lying down on her belly in a patch of mud that she felt qualified as a puddle. Poor Jo.
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♥Jul. 23rd, 2014 // 07:59 pm
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Yesterday, I was, with Jo's assistance, supervising while Mike mowed the back lawn. I leant over to give her a stroke, and my neck/upper back was very sore. Not in an 'ouch, I just pulled something' way, just a really nasty ache that appeared for no apparent reason at a time when I wasn't moving.

It's less sore today, which is good, but I am a bit bewildered as to what I did to cause it. I do have a new dog walking bag, which is an early birthday present after my previous one died. However, as it's just about big enough to get a bottle of water in with my phone, keys and a poo bag (and I haven't actually been taking the water), this seems unlikely. It might also be too much editing of documents on my laptop, but actually yesterday was pretty quiet for that.

Today, therefore, I have mostly been sitting in another early birthday present, because a) it's hot and b) it's hard to conceal a six-foot-long box with 'hammock and stand' printed in large letters on the side, which is actually more comfortable than the sofa because my neck is supported nicely.

Hopefully it will be better still tomorrow, as we have riding lessons!

We put the girls in the garden, today, so that the boys could go inside if they wanted to get out of the sun. We made what was, in retrospect, the mistake of closing the duck-proof gate to the yard to stop them getting near the boys: when we went to get them in they were nowhere to be found in the garden. We tracked them down in the garage, sitting on the other side of the wall to their house. I'm not sure if they squeezed themselves through the stock netting on the fence or if they went through the hole that the badger dug under the fence, along the road and back up the drive.
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Bloody Game Of Thrones...

♥Jun. 4th, 2014 // 12:12 pm
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I'm currently earwormed by Gordon Lightfoot's "The Mountains and Marianne"....

The girls seem a little less timid today, in that when shooed out of their house they wait for several minutes, and occasionally nibble a bit of grass, before dashing back to safety. Magrat seems to be the bravest, or at least least cautious, as she's usually in the lead.

We had three eggs, yesterday, all very 'we're new to this': one is just small, one is small with an uneven shell, and the third didn't quite have enough shell on it. I'm sure that they'll get better with practice.

Jodie's been to the vet and come back straight away, which was a nice change. All the stitches are out, and the vet said he was very pleased with it. We're to bathe it, and keep putting her sexy trousers on at night, for a couple of days, and she can start having part of her walk off the lead from Friday, building up to being back to normal by this time next week.

Mike's mother and aunt are staying for a few days, but today they've taken themselves off to do Things Suitable For A Wet Day (Turner Contemporary, last I heard), so we can try and catch up on ourselves a bit.

And this morning I did all of GB's mucking out, all by myself. Well, other than moving the wheelbarrow, which I left for Mike.
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Updates and things

♥Jun. 2nd, 2014 // 05:41 pm
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We had a party, it was good (I think!): thank you to everyone who came. It didn't rain once, and it was even sunny part of the time, which is always nice.

Jodie's leg is still doing well. It's occasionally a bit weepy still, if she's been running around when she shouldn't, but it's mostly fine. We're off to the vet on Wednesday morning, so hopefully they'll be happy with her as well, and maybe even take the stitches out. She went on what, if we were in a rush and the weather was horrible, would count as a proper walk today and yesterday, although the poor thing did have to stay on the lead.

My arm is also doing better, and I've got more movement in it every day. I've just got back from seeing the physio, and he was nice and reassuring. I've torn my rotator cuff a little, but not so badly that it needs surgery (as it's getting better by itself). I can use it as much as I like, as long as I don't get stabbing pains, and I need to use the other arm to get it through a full range of movement a few times a day. I asked him if it was worth going to the fracture clinic and he said they'd only refer me to an NHS physio, who would tell me the same thing in a month or so when they got around to seeing me. I'll be phoning up to cancel that, then. He's also going to have a chat to my Pilates instructor, so that she knows what I should and shouldn't be doing.

I was a bit dubious about driving down there, and about driving back if the physio made it hurt, so Mike came with me and went to Tesco while I was being poked and prodded. We left Jo in her crate, with her sexy trousers on, because we didn't want her jumping six feet up in the air when she saw us coming up the path. We came up the path to the sight of Jo jumping six feet up in the air.... Not sure how she did it, but she'd managed to detach the front of her crate so that it fell inwards. (Also not entirely sure how she then got out, but she managed it somehow!) Hopefully, it had slipped out of its clips at some point before we put her in there, maybe when it was moved for vacuuming, but it's a bit worrying if she's figured out how to get out.

Very shortly, we're off to collect Esme, Gytha and Magrat. V exciting!
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♥May. 29th, 2014 // 02:25 pm
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In good news, my arm is better again today: I managed to wash my hair, put my bra on by myself, and do most of the mucking out (although in a slightly unorthodox way) and make the boys' dinners.

In annoying news, I went to the GP and found him to be utterly unhelpful, unsympathetic and uninterested. eg, "I don't know why they bothered to give you a sling. I suppose you can wear it if you want sympathy." "Didn't they give you any painkillers? Well, none of them really work anyway." He thought that I'd be fine to wait another week to be seen, and that it wasn't a problem to have it immobile, but also said that I couldn't make it any worse in the normal course of things so I should feel free to use it as long as it didn't hurt too much.

Mike has just finished the duck house for me, though, so that's good. Other things that are good are that I made up most of the beds last week, so Mike doesn't have to go around getting bedding ready for the weekend!

I'm going to have to skip Pilates this week, because I don't think I'd be up for driving yet. I might see if I can get a physio appointments for early next week, when I phone to cancel.
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♥May. 28th, 2014 // 04:44 pm
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This fracture clinic business is looking like hard work.

I phoned the nearest one yesterday to ask for an appointment, and again a few hours later, and again this morning, before finally hearing when my appointment would be on the most recent call. Thursday week, which is (I note) more than the 'within one week' that the walk-in centre told me to get. Apparently, there's no possibility of getting it any earlier, and if they'd known that I hadn't actually broken anything then they wouldn't have booked it at all but made me go through a third department that would handle the referral and take another week at least to do so.

I tried the next hospital on the list, and got an answerphone and a disconnected number. The third one, though, produced a very nice man who couldn't get me an appointment before Monday week but did do his best to try and figure out some way of getting sorted out. He didn't seem to think that there was any particular worry in the delay, until he realised that I hadn't been given either physio exercises to do or the drugs needed to make them possible. Sadly, his best wasn't terribly useful, as he just suggested that I try the walk-in clinic at the hospital where I have the appointment, for a second opinion and potential offer to just hang around at the next clinic and hope one of the consultants would have time to see me. Oh, and the consultant I'm booked in to see is a foot expert, so nice and useful.

I'll have another go at the GP tomorrow, but I won't be holding my breath, even if I can get an appointment. I'm not un-tempted to jump on a train to London and get my Dentist's husband to find someone to look at it privately, because I really can't be doing with having it strapped up for a fortnight without any movement.
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This week, it's my turn

♥May. 27th, 2014 // 12:20 pm
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We've had a lovely, if chaotic, weekend with C and [livejournal.com profile] groliffe. They were very good about pretending not to mind too much when we had to detour to the vet, or leave the house in shifts to make sure that Jodie wasn't unattended. We even managed a trip to the zoo:

We also had pony rides: C did superbly and had a couple of nice canters on GB, and even managed to look as though she was enjoying it on the second time around!

Jodie's stitches are holding, but I'm not yet relaxing as she's now starting to get bored and bouncy. She's leaking a bit, but it's just slightly pink plasma. On the other hand....

My arm has, pretty much, been getting steadily worse over the weekend, not helped by GB headbutting me in it yesterday. (Rode him anyway, one handed, but it was a bit uncomfortable and I had to get C to do the saddle-moving parts of the operation.)

When I had to get Mike to put my bra on this morning (much to his disgust: he claims that it's the other end of the process that's his responsibility) and just couldn't face trying to plait my hair, I decided that the time had come to get it looked at. The GP was full, but in retrospect the hospital walk-in was a better bet. I've not broken anything but, based on the range of movement* and the fact that the muscles don't feel as though they're in spasm (which she expected them to be), I'm to go off to the fracture clinic and get it checked by a consultant to make sure I haven't torn anything. Sling for now, and drugs: paracetamol four times a day, 'profen three times, which should be fun to keep track of.

* I hadn't realised how small it was, until she made me try without using my other hand to help. And it didn't get any better an hour after she gave me codeine.
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♥May. 24th, 2014 // 01:26 pm
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In retrospect, when I was looking at ducks this morning and slipped in the mud it would have been better to live with having muddy trousers. As it was, I grabbed the fence and Did Something to my arm muscles.

It's a good job that we have an automatic, or I suspect Mike would have had to get a lift over to pick me (and the car) up.

Still, ducks very cute. Picking some up on Monday week.
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♥Oct. 29th, 2013 // 07:40 pm
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I got a nasty shock this morning when I went to groom GB:

But then I realised that he'd just been rubbing his bum on his salt lick!

Today, I have mostly been in pain. I think I must have Done Something to my back yesterday, moving fallen tree bits, because my upper back / neck is horribly painful whenever I move my head. Luckily for Mike, I did manage, rather slowly, to muck out....

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♥Aug. 16th, 2013 // 08:21 pm
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So, what have we been doing?

We had our first visitors, [livejournal.com profile] coth and family, en route to a very early morning ferry to France. As part of the prep, I spent a day running up pairs of curtains so that they'd actually be able to get some sleep. (Today, I went and bought Even More fabric, to have a crack at a table cloth that will not only be big enough for our enormous table but will also extend with it. Watch this space.)

We invited the neighbours 'round for a drinkie on Saturday evening: we had been thinking about a BBQ, but the forecast is a bit poor so drinkies it is instead.

We got a delivery of Even More Flat Pack Furniture. Mike is complaining that his wrist hurts from all the screwing, which I'm sure isn't the way around that such things normally work for men. We also got most of the bedroom furniture, which meant that we could actually unpack clothes. I'm looking forward to wearing a different pair of trousers tomorrow.

We took the boys out on a longer and much less road-filled hack in the woods on the other side of the valley this morning, which was nice. I jumped on the baby at one point, because he didn't do as he was told when Mike tried to get him to canter up the hill without (but towards) GB. He did as he was told for me, and Mike even managed to hold onto GB and stop him from following us up the hill....

Which, ouch, was more than I just managed. There's a somewhat nutty gelding in the field over the road, currently being turned out at night to stop the flies from bothering him. I just went to give the boys their first haynet and rather than go 'ooh, food' when I opened his door, GB decided to barge through his stall guard (a chain across the door, basically) and me to go and run around snorting and glaring at the gelding over the road. Sigh. I went and got a headcollar on him and coaxed him back to his stable, where I hit a snag: Mike hadn't got around to putting the top bolts on the stable doors, so they only have kickplates (at the bottom of the door) on them, which is why the stall guard was up. With the stall guard ripped from the wall, and me not having four-foot-long arms, I couldn't actually shut the door. So off he went again. Sigh. This time, I tied his haynet up *before* I went and dragged him back into his stable....

I'm not actually sure if it was tGOtR that was setting him off or something else: the Baby is very worked up as well, and when I was bringing GB back up to the stable he kept stopping to stare up the hill, in the opposite direction to tGOtR's field. It's possible that they were all smelling something worrying in the trees, I suppose. Either way, my leg hurts from being barged, thankyouverymuch.
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♥Feb. 2nd, 2013 // 08:44 pm
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As he so often does, Mike cooked tasty dinner tonight. One of the components had been in the metal-handled pan in the oven.

Mike served up, and brought the plates through. I heard something sizzling in the kitchen and went to check. "Tsk," I thought, "Mike has put a pan with scrapings in the bottom back onto a hot stove!"

So I picked it up to move it.

Then I put it back down with extreme prejudice.

And now I have a bag of frozen peas.
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Out and about

♥Aug. 15th, 2012 // 04:04 pm
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I seem to have been doing a lot of driving to strange places for side saddle reasons, lately.

The other week, I went up to Addington, in darkest Buckinghamshire, for the national side saddle show. We were just watching, not taking part, and it was very interesting. I now actually know what the jumping position is. Not sure I'm actually going to use it any time soon, but I know what it is. Gorgeous venue: I'm incredibly jealous. Two huge indoor schools, overlooked by the cafe and the bar, three (four?) outdoor dressage arenas and two (three?) outdoor jumping arenas, oh and it's in a country park for hacking. God knows what the livery fees are like!

Today, I went to Headcorn, in darkest Kent, for a side saddle lesson with my instructor's instructor, on her schoolmistress. As predicted by my instructor, I got on the horse and she immediately started going in tiny circles until I Got It Right, which I think I was starting to do by the end. Very useful, I just need to actually do more side saddle (been a bit slack lately, at least partly because of GB's impressive collection of bites. Which thankfully has not increased in number lately).

Today I also went into Boots to talk to the pharmacist: something bit me yesterday (I really need to stop thinking 'ah, sod it' and hacking out in leggings after my Pilates class because I can't be bothered to get changed and it's hot), and I have an enormous lump on the outside of my left (fortunately, else I doubt I could have done today's lesson) knee. I took an antihistamine last night, else I'd probably be unable to walk or something. She said "I could give you some hydrocortisone cream" and I said "oh, shall I put some HC45 on it?" which made her look utterly bewildered (she actually said "no, hydrocortisone is a steroid": how can a pharmacist not know what HC45 is?) but eventually she agreed and told me to try it. We shall see. At least it hurts less now than it did this morning.

I have a new phone, which was remarkably painless other than the half hour wait for my appointment at the Apple Store. ("The battery tester says that there's nothing wrong with it. On the other hand, it also says you'd get ten hours of standby and two hours of use, so there obviously is something wrong. Just a minute and I'll get you a new phone.")

I also have a hair cut, which looks remarkably the same as it usually does, and I went to the Unicon last weekend, where I played what I can only describe as the board game version of the first part of Spore. It works better when the computer does the adding up for you, I fear, but it was quite fun.

This weekend, we are actually at home. And not doing anything! I suspect we'll be bored by Saturday afternoon.

(Phil the Greek's been taken to hospital in an ambulance. Radio 4 is stressing that it's just a precautionary measure, but as it's doing so between programmes, rather than waiting for the news....)
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♥Apr. 19th, 2012 // 03:09 pm
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I've been a bit slack about riding, lately: not going up as often as I should, and spending too much time pootling in the woods instead of doing proper schooling work. (The Plan: one lesson, one side saddle schooling, one cross saddle schooling, one hack. The Reality, for the last month or so: one lesson, one hack, one more hack.)

That meant that, when I had my side saddle lesson on Tuesday, I'd not actually used the side saddle since my previous side saddle lesson a fortnight before. And then my instructor seems to have decided that I need to get on with doing more than just pootling around working on my position for the big show*, so she seems to have worked me harder than usual.

But I really don't think I deserved to wake up on Wednesday morning feeling like I'd been thoroughly beaten (the fact that I strained something in my arm/back trying to hold on whilst a certain little shit bag dragged me around the field on the end of a rope probably didn't help, either). But, I am trying to do better and ride more, and anyway exercise would help, so off I toddled to the yard, carefully timing my visit for the forty-five minute gap in the rain that the Met Office and Meteox both agreed was going to happen, and everyone laughed at me for believing the weather forecast and then gave me a funny look when it stopped raining and the sun came out for half an hour before the rain returned. And we had a good schooling session, but gosh did I ache when I got off, and even more so when I got home and tried to get out of the car and walk up the stairs....

So it was that, this morning, I still felt like I'd been thoroughly beaten, but I thought I would be good again, so off I toddled to Pilates, because exercise would help, and the instructor 'helpfully' threw in some exercises to stretch out my aching muscles, and then I went to the yard thinking I'd ride. But the school was busy, and the woods would be muddy, and anyway the heavens opened about ten minutes after I'd decided to be slack and just put GB back in the field to replace his layer of mud, so it was probably the right decision to come home and sit on the sofa, wondering just who it is that keeps beating me up while I sleep every night.

(If it weren't for the fact that I feel otherwise utterly fine, I'd say that I must be coming down with something. But I feel fine. It's very odd.)

(Grr. When I started working, I made my loan swap her day from Thursday to Monday, which was much less convenient for her mother. I asked her last week if she wanted to change back, and she said she did, so today I swapped my Pilates class to Wednesday. I just sent her a sms asking if she wanted to swap back from next week or the week after, and she's replied "well, my mum wondered if I could just keep Monday?" Grr. Particularly coming, as this does from the incident at weekend when I got dragged into the middle of the two of them having a mother vs teenaged daughter bitch fight.)

* I don't think I mentioned the big show. I should do a post about that.
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More rib stuff

♥Jan. 20th, 2012 // 10:00 am
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Been to the GP. As expected, not much to be done for it: he thinks I probably sproinged the cartilage, rather than cracking a bone (no bruising or swelling), but had a listen and a feel and says that it all seems ok, I probably just did something to pull it a bit. Just got to live with it. Sigh.

(Still, inevitably as I was off to the GP today, last night and this morning it was a bit better than it had been... hurts now, though, from the poking.)
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Small world

♥Jan. 18th, 2012 // 03:22 pm
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Chatting to one of the other riders after our lesson this morning* who, when I said the word "Mudchute" said "I *thought* your horse looked familiar!" Turns out that she and her daughter used to ride there about eight years ago, and GB was daughter's first jumping horse (as with so many other people!). I said they can have a go for old time's sake, if they like!

* Which went really well. Very pleased with it: my position was apparently much better (okay, okay, maybe her crazy obsession with forever shortening my stirrups has something going for it!), which meant that we had a lovely trot going on, and I think I've finally managed to understand the instructions I'm now been given for what my hands should be doing when we're going around on a circle: needless to say, these are completely different from the ones I've been given in the past.

In less cheery news, my rib is bothering me. I'm going to go to the GP on Friday and see what they say: the hospital told me six weeks, and it's been more like eight. In general, it doesn't bother me at all (I can occasionally feel it if I stretch or sneeze, but, eg, right now there's nothing to indicate it's dodgy and there also wasn't when I was driving, grooming GB, riding him, carrying his saddle around, washing my hair, and so on), but it's started to be really painful at night. It was always worse at night, but the last week or so, at a guess, it's been getting more and more painful when I first wake up and roll over, and when I first go to bed (possibly also in between, but I'm asleep then so I don't really care! It's not waking me up, which it did the first week or so), and the pain's much more of a stabbity-ow pain than the achey-must-move-slowly one that it was before.

Last night, I went to roll over and got stuck: if I stayed perfectly still, it was absolutely fine, but if I tried to move in any way, in either direction, it was agonising. This was not terribly amusing (except in the sense that it was actually quite funny), so yes, I think I'll go and see the doc. Mike did offer to give me a push, which previously had helped when it was sore (because he was pushing me, I wasn't using any muscles to roll over so it didn't hurt), but it still hurt when he tried that. I eventually managed to roll over onto my front with only minimum whimpering, and then onto my other side. Similarly, pressing my hand over it, which also used to support it enough to stop it hurting, doesn't work any more, which is how I got stuck last night: I managed to get my hand into place, thinking it would be enough to let me roll over, but then couldn't roll over or get my hand out.... Ok, this is actually quite amusing. Now. [g]

(Standard treatment for ribs is painkillers. Sadly, it's difficult to time pain killers so that they'll kick in shortly before you wake up in the morning. I may try taking them half an hour before bed, though, and see if that helps.)
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