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Jodie in useful guard dog shocker!

♥Jul. 30th, 2017 // 08:49 pm
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I was weeding in the back garden this morning, with the radio on, when Jo went into the house and started barking.

When I went to see what she was worried by, I found the postman in the porch wanting me to sign for a parcel.

I'm being very crap at updating, recently, aren't I?

I had my second session with my new Pilates instructor last week, and could barely walk the following day: I may have to ask her to push me a little less hard.... On the other hand, I'd done nothing but sit in a car and walk at museum-visiting-speed for a week, so maybe not so surprising.

Thank you to everyone who made it along to our BBQ at the weekend, it was lovely to see everyone (even if it did pour with rain the whole time and thus was more of an Aga than a BBQ!). We have excessive quantities of beer left in the polypin, creative suggestions welcome. Do you think it would be a good or bad for the plants if I used it to water them...?

Someone left a copy of A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas in the kitchen: anyone claiming it?
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Updates and things

♥Jun. 2nd, 2014 // 05:41 pm
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We had a party, it was good (I think!): thank you to everyone who came. It didn't rain once, and it was even sunny part of the time, which is always nice.

Jodie's leg is still doing well. It's occasionally a bit weepy still, if she's been running around when she shouldn't, but it's mostly fine. We're off to the vet on Wednesday morning, so hopefully they'll be happy with her as well, and maybe even take the stitches out. She went on what, if we were in a rush and the weather was horrible, would count as a proper walk today and yesterday, although the poor thing did have to stay on the lead.

My arm is also doing better, and I've got more movement in it every day. I've just got back from seeing the physio, and he was nice and reassuring. I've torn my rotator cuff a little, but not so badly that it needs surgery (as it's getting better by itself). I can use it as much as I like, as long as I don't get stabbing pains, and I need to use the other arm to get it through a full range of movement a few times a day. I asked him if it was worth going to the fracture clinic and he said they'd only refer me to an NHS physio, who would tell me the same thing in a month or so when they got around to seeing me. I'll be phoning up to cancel that, then. He's also going to have a chat to my Pilates instructor, so that she knows what I should and shouldn't be doing.

I was a bit dubious about driving down there, and about driving back if the physio made it hurt, so Mike came with me and went to Tesco while I was being poked and prodded. We left Jo in her crate, with her sexy trousers on, because we didn't want her jumping six feet up in the air when she saw us coming up the path. We came up the path to the sight of Jo jumping six feet up in the air.... Not sure how she did it, but she'd managed to detach the front of her crate so that it fell inwards. (Also not entirely sure how she then got out, but she managed it somehow!) Hopefully, it had slipped out of its clips at some point before we put her in there, maybe when it was moved for vacuuming, but it's a bit worrying if she's figured out how to get out.

Very shortly, we're off to collect Esme, Gytha and Magrat. V exciting!
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♥Aug. 25th, 2013 // 04:35 pm
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Thank you to everyone who came and warmed the house with us yesterday! It's rather a shame that it poured with rain for almost all of the day, but there you go.... By about noon, we were able to say with complete honesty that we'd had more rain yesterday than the combined amount since we moved in.

On the other hand, the rain did clear for long enough for people to go out and meet the horses, and for Mike to light the BBQ. And there wasn't water actually *flowing* down the middle of the road, just some big puddles. So it can't have been that bad. It did make us realise that we're going to have a serious mud issue come the winter, though: the bottom of the valley has a think skim of clay over the top of the chalk, and my boots kept getting caked in it when I went out to the stables. Then I'd come back to the house and wipe them on the doormat, which completely failed to get them clean but did ensure that all the other people who later came in would coat their initially quite clean shoes in mud as they politely wiped them on the mat....

Amazingly, other than the small collection of things (including mobile phone) left behind by Alison and co, we don't seem to have acquired any inadvertent new possessions, but do shout if you think that you left anything behind. Thank you to everyone who intentionally left new possessions for us, and who came such a long way in such horrible weather (or, indeed, who tried to and then had to turn back).

(Today, the sun has come back out and it's lovely again!)
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