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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2014-06-04 12:12 pm

Bloody Game Of Thrones...

I'm currently earwormed by Gordon Lightfoot's "The Mountains and Marianne"....

The girls seem a little less timid today, in that when shooed out of their house they wait for several minutes, and occasionally nibble a bit of grass, before dashing back to safety. Magrat seems to be the bravest, or at least least cautious, as she's usually in the lead.

We had three eggs, yesterday, all very 'we're new to this': one is just small, one is small with an uneven shell, and the third didn't quite have enough shell on it. I'm sure that they'll get better with practice.

Jodie's been to the vet and come back straight away, which was a nice change. All the stitches are out, and the vet said he was very pleased with it. We're to bathe it, and keep putting her sexy trousers on at night, for a couple of days, and she can start having part of her walk off the lead from Friday, building up to being back to normal by this time next week.

Mike's mother and aunt are staying for a few days, but today they've taken themselves off to do Things Suitable For A Wet Day (Turner Contemporary, last I heard), so we can try and catch up on ourselves a bit.

And this morning I did all of GB's mucking out, all by myself. Well, other than moving the wheelbarrow, which I left for Mike.