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All change

♥May. 10th, 2017 // 03:19 pm
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I've just got around to taking the LJ links out of my style sheet. I guess I've really given up on it, now! One of these days, I suppose I should switch to using a modern style: I'm still on a legacy LJ S2 style....

I had Quilt Club at weekend, including a class on Sunday (fortunately, it turned out that the speaker / tutor was far better at the latter than at the former) where we did a modern take on log cabin blocks.

This is what the class produced:

(Mine are the six entirely beige/grey ones about just over half way up the left hand side of the table. "That fabric's very... grey," said Teddy in disapproval when I showed it to him.)

I've done a bit more on it since, and am probably going to do a bit more again shortly. It's been quite interesting, and I'm enjoying it far more than 'proper' log cabin blocks on account of not having to be super careful about cutting the fabric to exactly the right size.

Mostly today I've been gardening. I've potted on almost all the tomatillos and most of the small chillis, and I've planted out the tomatoes, aubergines and peppers in the polytunnel:

(We did have a frost last night, but the thermometer in there recorded a low of 0.0C with the doors open, so they should be safe.)

Unfortunately, I did it a bit on autopilot and forgot that The Plan was to put one of each tomato variety outside thus leaving a grow bag spare for the big chillis, so they'll have to go in the conservatory instead. Which means that it's a good job that I didn't have enough compost to pot on all the tomatillos, as I'll need pots to do that!

Now that I've watered them all in, the polytunnel smells even more of wet dog than it did before (from the old carpet underneath): lovely! Hopefully the bits of the irrigation system that are on back order will arrive soon, so that I don't have to do too much hose-pipe watering.

(Jo was very helpful: after coming in the polytunnel once and knocking half a dozen plants over she decided that it wasn't a good place to be and scampered around the garden instead, where she's probably dug up something that she shouldn't have. On the plus side, she did hear a delivery driver that I didn't, so I was able to dash out and get the package. It's amazing how quickly the driver ran back down the path and through the gate when she bounded into the front garden barking.)

Jo and I are on our own today, as Mike's taken his mother to Belgium for an overnight stay. My grandad's had a partial hip replacement, the op seems to have gone well but he's quite confused and groggy. He should be ok as long as he doesn't pull any of his usual hospital tricks (eg, pulling his drip out, ordering taxis to collect him, attacking the nurses), but the chances of that aren't great given his past form.
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Bits and coughs

♥May. 4th, 2017 // 10:10 am
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My post-Eastercon stomach bug turned into a post-Eastercon cold, which several other people have also been complaining about.

I'm getting better, I think, but I've thought that several times now and then woken up the next day feeling grotty again. This has led to quite a lot of lying on the sofa feeling pathetic and not very much actual getting things done. The weather has cooperated with this: we've finally had some rain, after an entirely dry month, which is very good and means that the grass is finally growing in the field. This also means that the weeds are taking over the flower beds, and neither feeling grotty nor the weather is conducive to doing anything about them.

And we still haven't planted up the polytunnel, but we have an excuse in the form of the irrigation system, which should have been here yesterday but isn't yet, and which probably needs to be in place before the plants go in, to avoid disturbing or damaging them when we try to get it figured out.

GB also got a bit neglected in there: going away and then being ill meant that he didn't get ridden for about ten days in a row, and I'm afraid that that might have been too long for him. We've had three goes on him since, most recently this morning, and he's not doing very well. A couple of times, he's also nearly gone down on his bum when trotting down the hill at bed time. I'm going to wait for a warmer day and then have a go on him in the afternoon, when he's had plenty of time in the field to get rid of any stiffness, but I fear it won't be much better and it'll finally be time to officially retire him.

It's not been all bad, though: in there we've had some visitors, both overnight and for the day, been out to Margate to see an exhibition that wasn't as much as we'd expected about textiles but was quite interesting anyway and gave me a few things to think about (coffmayhaveboughtanewloomcoff). We also hosted various fannish crafty types for a day of crafty things, during which staggering amounts of tea were consumed (at least until we ran out) even when you allow for the fact that Mike and I kept forgetting to ask if more was wanted....

Coming up in the next week: Quilt Club, and a workshop, and then Mike's Mother is coming to stay. So nice and recuperative, then.

LJ has reset my cookie, and I'm presuming that logging in will require TOS agreement, so I've stopped reading there.
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♥Apr. 8th, 2017 // 10:08 am
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I've been crossposting from DW to LJ for a while, but mostly reading people on LJ for the comments. I'll be changing that to mostly reading on DW.

At present, I'm feeling unable to bring myself to hit the button to accept the LJ ToS change, which means that I've been skim reading the non-crossposted posts in the background, but haven't been able to click on links / read comments / look behind cut tags: I expect that to continue until I get sick of it, at which point I'll either stop reading LJ or give in and click the button.

So: if you're on DW but think that I don't know, please let me know / add me on DW.

This does, unfortunately, break my photo-posting workflow. Does anyone have any suggestions for other easy ways to get photos from my iPhone to A Free Hosting Site? (I know Ang posted the same question t'other day, but see above re: not being able to click on links to see comments!)

In other news, this afternoon we've put up the frame on our new polytunnel but decided we'd done for one day: anchoring it to the ground and adding the cover will be a job for tomorrow, probably. I doubt it's going to blow away in the night.

I've had to move the tomato seedlings to the tops of the shelving units, as they're too big for the middle shelves! Must start some courgettes and beans tomorrow, as well.
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LJ spam

♥Oct. 9th, 2016 // 10:35 am
[xpost |http://flick.livejournal.com/1180725.html]

Is anyone else getting LJ spam that just repeats the first line of the post it's a comment on?
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I used to know this, I'm sure I did

♥Feb. 19th, 2016 // 10:45 am

It turns out that the most complicated and tedious part of renaming your LJ account is editing your years-old journal theme to change the username in the links.

(And, actually, not necessary as it redirects, but I like to have things nice and neat.)

I'm glad I could just do a find and replace on it, because I really can't remember how it works.
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Bunnies are safe

♥Feb. 18th, 2016 // 07:45 pm
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Having said that she'd come tomorrow to see Bugs, his former owner then emailed to say that she wouldn't: she was sure he was well looked after, no need to travel all that way, etc.

Fair enough, we thought. Probably for the best, given I was a little worried. Probably someone pointed out that there wasn't much that she could do if she wasn't happy with where he is now anyway.

Then Mike realised that she'd said in her email that she wished us luck getting the passport signed over to us, when he hadn't actually said anything about it to her. Presumably she did a bit more digging in Mike's LJ and found mine, and my previous post.

(If that's the case, and you're checking back, Former Owner, you have pretty much shown you're not a bunny boiler! Please feel free to check back here or here to see future posts about him, and feel free to ask if you have questions!)

(Ooh, typoing that second link has revealed that [livejournal.com profile] flick has been purged. Do I want to rename? Hmm. Thoughts? Can't find anything in the help files to confirm that it wouldn't damage my perm account status, though I'm sure it wouldn't.... There is an auto-redirect option, though not sure how long it lasts for if someone then signs up for the same username.)

This evening, Mike being at work (well, the dentist actually), and it having rained this morning, I rode the boys on the way in from the field. In retrospect, leaving GB munching grass by the school while I took Bugs to the stableyard was a mistake (I did call him, and he did look up and see what was going on): by the time I'd tied Bugs up he was screaming, and there was no point even trying to actually lead him in rather than letting him run along on his own after I went back and opened the gate for him....
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♥Nov. 30th, 2015 // 10:54 pm
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It seems that LJ has been blocked by spamhaus. If you're not getting notifications, or getting strange messages saying you need to revalidate your email when you try to comment, that's what it is.

She says from experience.
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Ah, there we go:

♥Nov. 2nd, 2015 // 02:01 pm
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[xpost |http://flickgc.livejournal.com/1118280.html]

The mist was mostly lifted when I took Jo out this morning, so here's the photo I had planned for yesterday.

The gap in the leylandii is now slightly bigger than it was when I took this... we're getting there. You can also see the location of the electric fence in the field! For comparison, January.

(The reason that the hedge looks like shit is because Mike is an idiot who didn't have the sense to say "No thanks: it's leylandii, so it will look like shit and anyway we're about to take it out" when TWWOTV offered to get Bad Farmer to flail it a month or so ago. Sigh.)

(Uploaded with the new version of the LJ app. Anyone know how to change the default security of new posts? I remember it being tricky to find in the old one, but I can't remember where it was hidden. Not 'settings', obviously: that's entirely taken up with pages of text about DPA and DMCA and stuff. What, you expected to be able to change aspects of the app behaviour in the 'settings' screen?)
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Trees and things

♥Nov. 1st, 2015 // 04:14 pm
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This morning, after some mist first thing, we decided to take advantage of the lovely weather (riding in a t-shirt in November!) and walk the boys down the lane and back before we took them in the school. I'm pleased to report that Bugs was only a little nervous, trying to see if there were any cows around. Then we took them in the school for a bit, which went almost entirely well: for reasons best known to himself, on his second canter Bugs decided to throw a couple of bucks and then try to run away with me. They were, as I told Mike, very *smooth* bucks, and my bum never actually left the saddle. I think that it was just high spirits: we've been being quite careful with him, and when we *have* cantered him since his little Moment we've been quite careful to have him very firmly held back. Today, though, I was letting him have his head, and he decided to make use of that! Still, no harm done.

This afternoon, there has been a raking of leaves and a chainsawing of leylandii (Mike did indeed console himself over his loss by buying himself a bigger one). The first one was very tricky, because Mike had to cut his way through to it, but the second and third, which he did today, went much more quickly and were removed in much bigger chunks. Interestingly, two of the three he's got out, and at least the next one along, are completely rotted through the main truck, which does make me wonder if the whole hedge isn't on the verge keeling over anyway.

Given what a lovely sunny day it was, I had planned on taking a nice picture of the house, on the way back from walking Jo, to show the recent changes (and the relatively tiny bit of leylandii hedge that's no longer there!). But then the mist came back down, and indeed kept coming: we moved the electric fence for the first time this evening, and couldn't actually see from one end to the other to check that the line was straight.

So, instead, have a nice picture of his grumpiness that Mike took this morning:

And duck bath-time:

(Which reminds me: I've been steadfastly refusing to upgrade the LJ iPhone app from 1.2.3, because the newer version was so horribly broken the two times that I tried it (and I've seen so many reports of it doing bloody stupid things, like removing all the apostrophes or capitalising the first letter of each word in a post). However, for the past several months I've been unable to upload images to scrapbook using it. Given that's the only thing that I do use it for, does anyone use the current version? How is it, these days?)
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LJ (again)

♥Apr. 1st, 2015 // 09:00 pm
[xpost |http://flickgc.livejournal.com/1081352.html]

A poll, over in LJ land: do I actually know anyone who's still paying to use it, or does everyone just have free or perm accounts these days?
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♥Apr. 1st, 2015 // 04:00 pm
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Has anyone else had a begging email from LJ?

"Is your Friends page feeling a little empty? Do you have friends who haven't posted in a while you'd like to hear from again? Invite them back, and you can both get some free Paid account time as a bonus!"

Apparently, if I get the most people to come back to LJ then I get a free perm account. Which will be about as useful to me as the free paid time, given I already have one.
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Leylandii wars

♥Oct. 3rd, 2014 // 12:21 pm
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This morning, I dashed around in a rush: it was poo picking day, and I wanted to jump on GB as well before going off to Pilates. Fortunately, I managed it, and GB was back to normal so I think we're ok for our lesson tomorrow.

There wasn't Pilates last week: the receptionist phoned that morning to report that the instructor had tonsillitis. I had a slight niggle, because I hadn't explicitly asked her to re-book me for this week, but we had said 'see you next week' on the phone, so I thought it would be ok (and forgot to call and check). Unfortunately, I walked in and her face fell: the instructor *still* has tonsillitis, but because I wasn't in the book she hadn't thought to call me....

So, home earlier than usual, and we took out a few more leylandii before lunch:

Getting there! Bonfire tommorow morning, before the rain arrives.

(Bah, I let the LJ app update itself, after this morning's post saying it was fixed. I can now post, but it couldn't manage to upload a picture so I had to do it the incredibly slow way: hopefully, the old version will be re-available soon. Also, can't see a way of making posts default to anything but public on the new version, which would put me off even if it worked.)

I'm wondering if it would be beneficial, given how horrible they make the soil under them, to put a layer of horse poo on the bed there. It would be fresh, but would have the winter to break down before any new plants go in. Anyone have any thoughts on the idea?

As I got home, I noticed a pigeon in the garage. It didn't fly away when I drove in, which was vaguely odd. After Jodie had said hello to me, she went rooting around in the hedge and flushed it out into the road: presumably, it was injured, because it didn't just fly off. I told her to go and get it, and she brought it into the garden, where she spent a happy fifteen minutes doing a super job of plucking it on the lawn. Unfortunately, she omitted to actually kill it before she started, so I went and stomped it before throwing it for her to fetch before he got bored and ignored it (after which it went into the food waste bin; I think I've made a decision on that dilemma).

We saw a fox in the woods, after lunch (well, we saw the rear end of a fox exunting at speed when it saw Jodie heading towards it), which we don't often do. As we were walking down Next Door's field on the way home, the Horse Next Door came to say hello, and see if there might be a treat available (there was). Then two other little shapes started waddling up the hill to say hello as well: it appears that in the rush this morning I forgot to close the stableyard gate*, so the girls had decided to come and demand their corn earlier than they usually do. Thankfully, they followed me home for their feed, rather than making us have to chase them around the field!

* I'd gone to close it after I rode GB out through it, but then I had second thoughts and left it open in case I ended up riding in the field and wanted to come back in that way. But I didn't, so we didn't come back through it. I remembered it while were were up in the field poo picking, but then promptly forgot again....

This afternoon, I've made experimental cake (Victoria Sponge with strawberry powder in the mix) in the Aga (it stayed lit the second time, thankfully), set a batch of apple juice going (the not-a-very-good-Vinyard down the road with the quite nice garden centre often has enormous crates of apples at this time of year: you take a bag, fill it, and get charged £1.10 per kg. Russets and Bramleys, today), stripped last night's chicken, and made beds for this weekend's guests. And now I'm having a sit down, for the first time since I went out to start on the boys....
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Oh, lovely, thank LJ

♥Jul. 25th, 2014 // 05:18 pm
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LJ has apparently now hijacked cmd-click: instead of opening in a new tab, it generates an annoying pop up asking me where I was to share the link....

Edit: Oh, maybe not. It's just one link in one post. Interesting....
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♥May. 15th, 2014 // 03:19 pm
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Today has been somewhat frantic. I woke up still feeling crap, but GB had to be ridden so I dashed around doing that (I'm afraid I mostly just cantered him around in circles, lacking the effort to do anything proper with him) and mucking out before taking Jo off to the vet. She's back in on Monday for the op: there's more of it under the skin, but it's not attatched to the muscle underneath. "It might even be benign," the vet said, which sounded reassuring until I thought about it.

Then I came home, had some lunch, completely failed to raid Mike's pockets for change to top up the parking money in the car and, late, headed off to Canterbury. I got to the car park five minutes before my optician appointment, a ten minute walk away, and then spent what felt like ages feeding 5p coins into the parking machine. Still, I wasn't too late to have my eyes tested (all fine, my prescription's a bit worse than it was but not enough that they recommend new glasses), and I even fluttered my eyelashes at the chap on the till and got him to melt my sunglasses back into shape (this is about the third time I've had to do so: I once left them in the glove compartment on a very hot day, and they always seem to creep back into the wonky position that they melted into). I was surprised that I made it to my waxing appointment on time, but I did. Unfortunately, I had to cut off part of the girl's to-do list, and scrap the other errands that needed running, because I needed to get back to the car park.... Hey ho!

TWWOTV's new set of drain rods arrived yesterday, so after I got back Mike connected them onto the end of her old set and had another go at the drain. No sign of any blockage, which was odd. He had me run up and flush the loo, and it drained away no problem. The thing that worries me slightly is that we couldn't then see the water flowing out of what we *thought* was the other end of the pipe and into the septic tank.... Well, fingers crossed.

A couple of weeks ago, Mike expressed a desire for shelves in the shed, and it is true that the pile of gardening stuff on the floor was awkward. As they worked well in the store room, I thought I'd get him more of the metal Ikea shelves. And, as I was placing an order anyway, I thought I'd get myself some for the conservatory, instead of using the old dining table for plants:

Much better, and they'll get more sun on that side of the conservatory as well.

(I predict that there will be many people having problems with the new LJ. Astonishingly, given that istr that I'm still using S1, everything is working fine for me. The work around if you can't see comments on entries is apparently to find the 'View comment pages in my own style' option or, as a temporary fix, append &style=mine tot he end of the URL.)
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October books

♥Nov. 1st, 2012 // 02:04 pm
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[xpost |http://flickgc.livejournal.com/885052.html]

Here )

What about that there LJ redesign, then? I suppose I'll have to log in as GB and see what all the fuss is about!
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