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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2015-11-02 02:01 pm

Ah, there we go:

The mist was mostly lifted when I took Jo out this morning, so here's the photo I had planned for yesterday.

The gap in the leylandii is now slightly bigger than it was when I took this... we're getting there. You can also see the location of the electric fence in the field! For comparison, January.

(The reason that the hedge looks like shit is because Mike is an idiot who didn't have the sense to say "No thanks: it's leylandii, so it will look like shit and anyway we're about to take it out" when TWWOTV offered to get Bad Farmer to flail it a month or so ago. Sigh.)

(Uploaded with the new version of the LJ app. Anyone know how to change the default security of new posts? I remember it being tricky to find in the old one, but I can't remember where it was hidden. Not 'settings', obviously: that's entirely taken up with pages of text about DPA and DMCA and stuff. What, you expected to be able to change aspects of the app behaviour in the 'settings' screen?)

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