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I've been crossposting from DW to LJ for a while, but mostly reading people on LJ for the comments. I'll be changing that to mostly reading on DW.

At present, I'm feeling unable to bring myself to hit the button to accept the LJ ToS change, which means that I've been skim reading the non-crossposted posts in the background, but haven't been able to click on links / read comments / look behind cut tags: I expect that to continue until I get sick of it, at which point I'll either stop reading LJ or give in and click the button.

So: if you're on DW but think that I don't know, please let me know / add me on DW.

This does, unfortunately, break my photo-posting workflow. Does anyone have any suggestions for other easy ways to get photos from my iPhone to A Free Hosting Site? (I know Ang posted the same question t'other day, but see above re: not being able to click on links to see comments!)

In other news, this afternoon we've put up the frame on our new polytunnel but decided we'd done for one day: anchoring it to the ground and adding the cover will be a job for tomorrow, probably. I doubt it's going to blow away in the night.

I've had to move the tomato seedlings to the tops of the shelving units, as they're too big for the middle shelves! Must start some courgettes and beans tomorrow, as well.
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This might create its own nuisance, but the T&Cs popup is Javascripty; use NoScript or similar and it doesn't show up...
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Polytunnel... I read it in your other post as "ponytunnel" and imagined a horse-sized version of the crinkly-fabric tunnel with toys dangling on strings that our cat used to play in.

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