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So, pole dancing!

♥Sep. 2nd, 2016 // 01:59 pm
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Bruising aside (my shins have gone an interesting colour, too), the pole dancing class was quite interesting. About a dozen people, four of us there to try it out and the rest who'd been going for about a year. Lots of tattoos and piercings, one bloke who was terribly intense about it all and spent the whole session hogging a pole and much of it hogging one of the two instructors. (It was nominally two people per pole, but in reality there were two people with a pole each, the beginners with two between them, and everyone else in a very cooperative gaggle between the other two.)

We started with a fairly high-intensity warm up, and finished with stretches. In between, there were poles. It was quite interesting watching the more experienced people doing their moves (and occasionally failing spectacularly at them; one of the poles had a circular crash mat around it, which seemed sensible), but we got rather more time to do that than I would have liked: the instructor would show us a move a couple of times, watch us doing it for about thirty seconds, and then wander off to help other people for ten minutes while we practised it a bit more and then went "Ok, we can do that now, um".

I think that even without the bruising (and I noticed that the instructor was also covered in bruises, so I don't think it was just that we were crap!) it wouldn't be for me: not very structured and a mix of it being a solo thing but requiring cooperation (in sharing poles and in, eg, sticking your arms under someone's bum to support their weight while they try a new move) that I don't think I'd really get on with. Still, it was fun to try! I had thought about trying their aerial hoop class, on the grounds it might be less bruisy, but I think that the same would apply there.

Today, I'm a little sore in the shoulders but happily was able to get my boots on without too much agony.

Jo's been for her swimming lesson this afternoon. It was a different person in the tank with her, and she was a bit nervous about that, but it went well. On the way home, we had a short walk and met a very sweet spaniel. The owners asked if they should hold his collar, and I said it was fine as long as he didn't charge at her. What he actually did was walk up to her and then, when she ignored him, drop his ball in front of her to see if it would make her like him!
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♥Sep. 1st, 2016 // 08:58 pm
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This evening, I went to a try-out pole dancing class. It was really quite fun, if a bit noisy and disorganised.

I won't be going back, though: by the end of the class, my feet were already starting to turn purple, and I have a nasty feeling that I won't be able to get my boots on tomorrow morning....
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Tai Chi

♥Sep. 12th, 2015 // 03:35 pm
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This afternoon, Mike and I went to a free tai chi try-out session, mostly because one of the paid-for courses that it was trying to get people onto is in the village down the road, so quite convenient. I signed up because I was interested to try it, and to my surprise Mike decided to come along as well.

It was a little bit woo for my tastes, but that may be because the instructor was trying to get people interested in the concept. I could also have done with him doing a bit more than just standing at the front of the room and doing the actions with occasional pointers about how to do it better, but presumably on his regular classes he does get off the mat (as it were) and correct people individually. He came across as a bit nervous, in fact.

I struggled a bit because some of the moves were vaguely close to Pilates ones but slightly different, so I'd keep getting to a certain point and then realising that my foot was pointed instead of flexed, and similar.

We were surprised by the mix of people: Mike was the only bloke, which surprised me a little, but also there was pretty much no one between about my age and about Mike's, which was odd: I'd vaguely expected to be the youngest person there.

As we were leaving, we mentioned that we were thinking about the local course, and he said that he wasn't sure it would be running as there wasn't enough interest. I guess we'll sign up anyway and see what happens?

When I was out picking tomatoes this afternoon, I found a few (in the back garden bed, which is likely to be the coldest place) that had what I suspect is a bit of cold damage. I've pulled up all those plants, as we're due to be chilly again tonight, and I'm currently torn between trying to ripen the fruit and making experimental green passata. Online, I can find a few people saying "presumably it would work?", often in threads about making pasta sauce with whole ones, but no one actually saying "I have made this and it is good". Maybe I'll try a jar and get Mike to try it before I decide, but right now there's regular passata on the go (in the Aga, to see if it works: it seems to, as it's reducing nicely).

(I also picked up a sensible-sounding passata trick: bash them with a potato masher and then put them in a colander to let some of the liquid drain off. I know that you can get a Device to de-seed them, but clutter. I did try one batch where I scooped out all the middles, and it did indeed reduce down much more quickly than when I don't. Unfortunately, the reduction in cooking time was about equal to the increase in prep time, and the effort vastly greater, so bugger that. Ditto skinning them: that's what sieves are for. I am tempted to try part-roasting the tomatoes first, though, as people say the flavour's much better.)
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And relax

♥Oct. 21st, 2013 // 09:18 pm
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This weekend, we hosted the Cabal for the first time in the new house. Well, first time ever, for me. Gosh, but there's a lot of washing up involved. And cooking, I dare say, but I only get to experience the end products (both tasty and washing-up-related) of that process.

We had lots of healthy walks, in the woods on either side of the valley and on the beach, and there were pony rides. It turns out that the Baby's extra couple of inches of height and extra several inches of width make a more significant difference than I'd realised when it comes to getting people on his back. There was also an Oysterband gig, which was really quite fab.

We also learnt that Jodie is far more ready to accept people when she's been on a walk with them, which is useful information for the future.

We failed miserably at getting remotely close to doing a fanzine, so no change there, then. Maybe if we get snowed in at New Year....
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