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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2014-12-14 09:30 pm

Lots of planets have a North

We went on a flying visit to family this weekend: my parents, lunch with my sister (and her New Man; she seems very happy), Mike's mother and brother. For the first two of those, Mike spent a lot of time muttering "It looks very Northern up here...."

By the time we left, my mother was almost visibly twitching with the urge to get the vacuum cleaner out and get rid of any sign of Jo. In contrast, Jo charged into Mike's mother's house and left a line of black footprints across the carpet; "Oh well," she said, "I'm sure it'll vacuum up when it's dry."

Long weekend, but we got through it, and the boys / ducks seem to have coped ok with having four different people doing various bits of looking after them! Jo's glad to be home, though I suspect she'd rather have been with us than not.

Tomorrow, I'm back at the dentist for tweaking my tooth, and the day after that I think we'll put the tree up. (We just got back from buying it, and it's a good job we didn't leave it any later as they only had about half a dozen left!)