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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2014-10-27 02:39 pm


We've had Mike's family staying this weekend (his mother is still here, but she's gone off to Canterbury for the day today): teenagers sleeping on every flat surface in the house, and so on.

When I ran the dishwasher with the dinner plates in on Saturday night, they didn't get clean. Odd. I ran it again, and that time realised that it wasn't actually getting hot: it was doing a full cycle, but without heating the water. Not great timing, but there were at least plenty of people to help with the washing up!

But then the kitchen sink stopped draining on one side... and then it stopped draining on the other as well. So washing up after dinner last night involved carrying bowls of used water off to tip down the loo instead.

Plumber tomorrow, dishwasher repair man on Thursday.... Sigh. At least the dishwasher's from John Lewis, so it's under warranty still.

(Lovely visit other than that, although Jo is a bit unsettled and tired from having to be on guard all the time and sleeping on our bedroom floor instead of her bed the sofa.)