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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2014-03-10 05:58 pm

Walking in the woods

Jodie has been terribly full of beans, today: not sure what's got into her! We took her out for a nice walk, in a wild flower reserve (lots of space for bounding around whilst keeping us in view) and then in the woods. We found a rather unfortunate bluebell:

It's ok, though, as a) we rescued it after I took a picture and b) it was not alone:

The wild flower reserve had some terribly clever not-stiles, very well suited (one stereotypes) for use by elderly ladies who want to look at the flowers but aren't quite up to clambering over the regular type of stile:

Yesterday, mindful of complaints that previous videos showed the boys darting too quickly around the field, I shot one with the frame rate dialled right back. It was quite tedious to watch. Here's one that's a bit quicker than that, with special guest appearances from the two mares owned by TWWOTV, who like to stay close to the boys when they can.

The chaps have, it appears, now entirely finished the kitchen, including unexpectedly patching up the missing bit of plaster in the dining room ceiling, by the front door, and have now moved onto the hallway. The wooden panelling is more than half done (and that's the tricky half, with the radiator to deal with), and the woodwork has had a first coat of white: already looks much lighter and brighter in there, which is good.

Tomorrow, The Parents Arrive. This should be interesting (they are not staying here, but in a B&B nearby). I'm, in some ways, pleased that it coincides with the chaps causing mess and chaos, as it gives me an excuse! Father has Plans for our spherical pigeons, which reminds me that I must warn the Next Doors not to worry unduly if they hear gunshots coming from the house....