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Cherry surprise

After Little Quilt Club today, I headed cross-country to the big local farm shop: it's not the closest, but I wanted both flowers and cherries, and that rather limited my options. ("Are you going all that way?" the ladies at LQC asked, before conceding that they couldn't actually think of anywhere closer that sold both.)

About half way there, I passed a cherry stall at the side of the road, so I made a mental note and kept on going.

The farm shop provided a lovely bunch of flowers (for Mrs Farmer, as that was all the payment that Mr Farmer would take for doing the field at weekend), after which I headed back and (via an only-slightly-dodgy u-turn) stopped at the cherry stall.

Much to my surprise, it was being manned by the lady who I used to buy cherries from on the A2 on the way to Pilates. I hadn't realised that she had the stall in both places, and this one is much more convenient than the other. I realised later that I should have asked which locations she did on which days of the week....

There's now half a jar of cherries in booze in the cupboard, and a bowl of cherry pie filling* in the fridge. My new cherry pitter works well, although it's a bit of a squeeze to get the biggest ones into it and a couple of the stones got stuck and had to be bashed out. She also had the first English peaches of the year, so I bought a few to try: they're ready to eat and tasty, so I'll go back next Tuesday (presumably she'll be there again then, and I'll be in the area anyway) for more cherries and peaches, which I'll stick in jars as long as I can keep them away from Mike for long enough!

* looking online at cherry pie recipes, and having discounted the ones that include cherry jam in the list of ingredients, there seem to be two broad classes: ones where you cook the filling first and then thicken it with corn flour/starch; and ones where you cook it in the oven with the rest of the pie and include tapioca to thicken it. I'm unsure whether this just means that they are all based on one of two ur-recipes or whether there is some difference in the nature of corn flour and tapioca that makes the different methods better. Either way, a) I have corn flour in the house; b) I was brung up to blind bake my pies; c) I want to adapt the recipes to make smaller pies that I can cook in the Aga (which both make it tricky to reach the specific temperature and cooking time needed to set the tapioca-style filling); and d) I'd rather freeze prepared filling than raw cherries; so I've gone for the cook-it-first method. Anyone have strong opinions either way? I am wondering whether it would be better to freeze it pre-cornflour and then defrost and quickly boil it up to add that later.
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I found the cherry stalls on the A21 to be rip-offs, good to hear you have honest ones in your area. BTW, hoping to go to the Kent County Show, probably Friday

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[personal profile] vicarage 2017-07-07 10:36 am (UTC)(link)

I've skipped today too after a busy day in London. I've got a ticket, will decide tomorrow which day to go. I thought I was specially honoured to be offered courgettes until I saw Mike's glut comment!

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Going Saturday

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[personal profile] vicarage 2017-07-08 06:16 pm (UTC)(link)

Busy but bearable.

Have a look at stall 23 of the Heavy Horses for the most enormous horse I've ever seen. It was scratching an arse the size of an elephant when I went.

I hope you can persuade Jodi to do the long jump into the pool, as that was lots of fun.

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[personal profile] dorispossum 2017-07-08 10:19 am (UTC)(link)
If those are same Cherries that you brought to party, they were lush.
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