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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2017-06-18 10:02 am


I am completely unsurprised to have woken up this morning with the evidence of yesterday's work in the field on my legs: four horsefly bites, the first of the season.

(And I've realised belatedly that my sister's wedding is in the middle of horse fly season, which may well scupper the plan to make my mother happy by wearing a dress!)

Agnes is, if not actually fine, back to her normal level of limpiness today, so I guess that the pick-her-up cure did the trick again.
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Maybe you need some ankle length silk bloomers to wear under the dress - you know, the sort with ribbons and bows around your ankles ;)
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Or even an ankle-length dress.
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Your mother doesn't get to choose what you wear to your sister's wedding, though I see how she might like to. Your *sister* might get to choose if she'd asked you to be her matron of honour...
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Well, do you care...?