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Oh, hello....

Today, we found some horse flies in the polytunnel. Bets now being taken on time until my first bite of the season....

I wanted a Thing that was an Amazon add-on item, and Mike could only think of another add-on item that he wanted, so I had a look at my Wish List and bought the annotated Pioneer Girl (Laura Ingalls Wilder's autobiography). Naturally, the book arrived yesterday, Mike's Thing came today, and the Thing that I was actually after still isn't here.

I'd been putting off buying the book (and, indeed, putting off people from buying it for me) because I was hoping for an ebook. Now that it's arrived, I've realised why there isn't one: it's very annotated, and the footnotes are at least twice the length of the text, so it's very much easier to read on paper. I've been reading a section of the bio and then skipping back to read the notes. It's very interesting, although I'm somewhat disappointed to have found an error already (the fictional Wilder family didn't name their cow 'Wreath of Roses'. That was the name she came with and Ma sniffed and said something like "Bah, foreigners, we'll call her 'Spot'"). Still, very interesting and likely to be available to borrow in the not-too-distant future if anyone else was feeling the same way I was about buying it.

Also, *still* nothing about how Pa makes the loo seat nice and smooth. V disappointing.
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Some day I must get around to reading the Little House books.

I adored the Melissa Gilbert TV series,an have been told the books are better but, somehow, never quite manage to get around to them.

I have a doll's dress patterns based on the dresses worn in a photograph of the real Mary and Laura, and another based on Carrie's outfit from the same photo'.

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So I've been told by quite a few people

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Can I flick through Pioneer Girl while we're over?