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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2017-06-04 11:30 am

Jo 3, crate 0

Yesterday, we took Jo to the vet to check that there wasn't anything physically wrong with her. She's now got a clean bill of health and a pack of over-priced woo-woo pills, made from milk protein and designed to mimic the way that babies get stoned on breastmilk.

Needless to say, they made absolutely no difference last night when we moved the crate back downstairs and put her in it at bedtime. Mike, who is apparently softer-hearted than I am, gave in after fifteen minutes of banging and crashing. I needn't have bothered going downstairs to get her, though, because fifteen minutes was apparently all that the crate could stand as well:

I've ordered her a new dog bed for in our bedroom, and I guess the crate will be off to the tip on our next trip.

In better news, I did an hour's weeding yesterday with no ill effects, and the drive is now looking neater. Somewhat to my surprise, the spare sweetpeas that I put out there a couple of months ago are doing pretty well even though they got swallowed up by nettles and grass coming through the fence very soon after planting. Hopefully now that I've been able to give them some breathing space they'll bulk up a bit, because I think they would look nice growing over the fence.
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I'm sorry you're going through such a stressful time with her.

Has she always had problems sleeping by herself?
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So it's just acclimatising her to sleeping downstairs again, and hopefully it'll stick?

I'll hope you can make the crate hold together (and Mike cold-hearted enough) for it to sink in.
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How is she with staying where she's put? As in, if you get her to "sit"/"stay", how long does that last?

Because the answer may be a few nights where whenever she comes into the bedroom you walk her back to her official sleeping spot, make her lie down, tell her she's a good girl, and then go back to bed. And repeat every half an hour until she realises that she's not going to get to sleep in the bedroom.

And this will suck for you to start with. But might actually cause behaviour change, which is what you want.
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I have been reading, but only haven't commented because I don't have anything to add other than the tiniest smidgen of parental schadenfreude.

Have you any clue what's spooked her? We've done the go to bed and leave Jodie thing lots of times without incident I think. Poor thing.

Edit: also, didn't you sleep downstairs with her a couple of times when you were acclimatising her to the crate? Do you think that would help?
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Well poo!

I hope a solution that sticks comes up.

Glad to hear there's no ill effects from the weeding.