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So I may have got the garden weeded but I did it at the expense of my wrists, which have been very sore for the past few days. I've been trying to rest them, which is frustrating as I have things that I want to be doing!

It's also a pain for Mike, who keeps having to do things like follow me around the garden while I point at places where he needs to dig up weeds or plant out seedlings. Still, "we"'ve got most of the veg bed planted out now, so hopefully it will all get on with growing and making tasty food. About the only useful gardening that I can do at the moment is watering things and pulling up nettles, which means I'm covered in stings!

On the assumption that it was actually a combination of gardening and cutting out pieces for quilts wot done it, I've put aside the quilt I started last week until I'm doing a bit better. I did, this afternoon, have a go at making a block for a different quilt on the grounds that it's paper pieced and so involves less repetitive/precise cutting of fabric. I'm quite pleased with the results, but my wrists aren't. Sigh.

The whole quilt will have the dark blue and cream fabrics in the background, and then I've got a range of different blue and cream fabrics for the stars.

The Up-The-Hill's came for dinner at weekend, which was nice and (we think) went well. Various amusing but not unexpected things about TWWOTV, including the fact that she's already not speaking to them although they're not sure why!
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Are these new Up-The-Hill's? I think I must have missed a memo.
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Yes, they moved in around October, and have been having many problems getting the house fixed up to their liking. We feel vaguely guilty, since they tried to buy our house before we did, but it fell through when they couldn't sell their house. Our house is in fact much more like what they need, so they're facing turning the house up the hill into our house. They seem fairly compatible with us -- he owns a web design company, and she's an accountant (working for the web design company).
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{wince!} I hope your wrists recover soon!

The star looks great - that blue and cream work nicely together in terms of contrast to show up the star shape

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Good luck getting through the boredom! It's the worst part of hand/wrist problems that prevent you from doing stuff.

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That's a stellar quilt star! (Sorry, I had to, but it is nice!)
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Lovely quilt!