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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2017-03-02 04:11 pm

Free stuff

We've got various bits of surplus stuff that will be going to either the tip or the charity shop unless someone wants them!

- 1 x 80cm wide beech Billy with six shelves
- 2 x beech Benno

- a Morphy Richards steam floor mop, which works fine but isn't really up to Jodie's level.

- an adjustable rolling pin, a hand mixer, a pepper grinder, a copy of The Force Awakens on bluray.

- two printers, a very elderly HP business inkjet 1200wn and a fairly elderly Canon. Both still work as far as I know.

- coffee table, a bit knocked around but made of actual wood and assembled in a factory by the talented Mr J Lewis

- a nest of three tables, of which those are the largest and smallest, also non-flatpack John Lewis

Other than the Billy and Benno, we can probably take stuff to Eastercon (unless the car fills up).
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[personal profile] ceb 2017-03-02 05:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Having looked up what an adjustable rolling pin is, yes please. (I will be at Eastercon.)
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[personal profile] damerell 2017-03-02 11:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Anything I get at Eastercon is going to Whitby but could I ask about The Force Awakens? S. has a Bluray player.