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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2016-06-19 07:09 pm


This afternoon, we left the poor deprived pooch alone for an hour or so to walk up the hill to our local NGS garden, where we bought some irises (Braithwaite, iirc: blue and white, very pretty) and a tall variety of geranium, which should contrast nicely with our low-growing ones. I also picked up a packet of Eryngium giganteum, which I think is the giant spiky thing that I had unfortunately close to the path last summer; I shall plant it in a better location this time!

Plant identification time, hampered by our internet being crappier than usual: leaves to about three feet tall, big heart/spade-shaped leaves coming directly off a central stem, with rings of little yellow flowers also coming directly off the stems (the ones with flowers go up to about five feet). They didn't have it for sale, sadly, else I'd have bought a couple! They seem to be good ground cover, which I'm always keen on, and the flowers are quite unusual.

Edit: Hurrah! Back to usually crappy internet levels. Here's the pic:

Jo is alternately hyper and sad that she can't figure out what she's done wrong to make us not let her chase squirrels or go for bounds in the woods. Poor pooch. Vet tomorrow.

In a bit of good news, the saddler just called to say that she's had an offer on the saddle that Bugs came with (it's a good saddle, it was just a matter of waiting for the right buyer to come along). It's more than we paid for it, so we've accepted it. Should help with the vets' bills, at least! ("How are the horses?" she asked. Five minutes later, she said "But how are the ducks?" and I was able to concede that the ducks were all laying well!)