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Quilt club

Some very blank faces, mine among them, at Quilt Club today, and I was at least slightly helped by a decade-old knowledge of the current state of the art in US paper-based craft materials / equipment. Even then, I kept looking at her slides and thinking "I know what all of those words mean individually..." and wasn't helped by the complete failure to define terms. Ah well, she did make (and bring along) some moderately interesting stuff!

(There was a note in the newsletter to the effect that they'd asked the venue to give them a quote for putting out / putting away the chairs for us, as it Obviously Wasn't Working. I looked at the sign-up sheets for doing shifts at the upcoming Quilt Show and put my name down for MIMO on the grounds that there were plenty of people who could perfectly well man the desk selling raffle tickets. The woman behind the desk was rather grateful.)

An unrelated question: do Americans *really* drink tea with cream, or is it just that all the American writers who have people doing so are extrapolating from their native coffee-drinking habits? Because it sounds revolting, I have to say!
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This American drinks tea with milk (whole by preference, lowfat if that's what's available), and sometimes has to explain to well-meaning servers that no, cream doesn't go in tea.

And sometimes I take it black, or even with sugar and lemon. But not cream.
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tea, dammit

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I too take my milk with tea and sugar, as it were. Cream was more common before WW II, I think; austerity measures broke that habit, and then there was the anti-milkfat dietary advice in the later part of the 20th C.

My ex, the kiwi/Brit, takes his tea with milk only.

I know Americans who take it plain, with milk, with honey, with sugar, and with various combinations -- except no lemon + milk.