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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2016-04-02 02:06 pm

Well done, Magrat

She finally (after an occasional incomplete attempt) seems to have managed to lay an actual egg today! That's the first she's managed since, oh, the autumn. I wonder if she'll keep it up?

We, on the other hand, managed to have two bonfires, finally! We've been stuck because we prefer to only have them when the wind is away from the neighbours, but that direction tends to also be the one that brings rain. Today, though, we finally managed to burn the last of the leylandii that Mike took out before Christmas (as well as various prunings, that manky old wooden planter from by the back door, and the last of the fence posts that we had replaced before we moved in. That last isn't just us being crap: we'd been using them to keep bales of hay off the barn floor but we've now finally accumulated enough pallets that we can use those instead, which will make life much easier).

Mike also mowed the back lawn, while I did a bit of tidying in the embarrassment that is the bee garden and put in some plant supports. We'd just finished a very little light pruning of the vibernum (taking out a couple of wayward branches) and I was casting about for more jobs when we had a few spots of rain. They didn't come to much in the end, but it did get chillier so I'm glad that we abandoned the garden in favour of putting rugs on the boys.

Tomorrow, provided the rain continues to not amount to much, we're having the field harrowed and there are various potting shed jobs to be done in the conservatory.

My new phone is up and running, thanks to Mike's office wifi. It's very fast, and has a super battery. I should probably get a case for it before it gets all dinged like the old one.