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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2016-02-04 02:55 pm

If you go down to the...

First celandine of the season, up in the woods:

We also have a handful of bluebells showing flower spikes, but I think they'll be a little while yet before they're out.

The logging work is finally finished, in as much as they're not going to cut down any more trees: the chap is now off on holiday for a week, and then he's going to come back to finish moving logs around and make good the paths. We have no idea how much actual making good he's going to do, particularly to the more minor paths.

(I was a little annoyed with him today. I went up to the farthest reaches of the woods, where he's only been working for the last week or so (when it's been fairly dry, so he's not made too much of a mess with his tires). He's not yet moved the logs from the work site to the big stacks, so they're in little piles scattered around amongst the (widely spaced) trees. And there are four little piles over about two hundred yards of the very obvious path, so that you have to scramble over brambles instead. It's not his job to keep the unofficial paths clear, but it was rather thoughtless of him to block one of the few non-muddy paths.)

There were midges in the stableyard this evening. Not right.