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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2015-12-21 03:32 pm


We went outside this morning to lovely clear skies, with just a few fluffy little white clouds. Sadly, by the time the sun actually got to the bottom of the valley, after we'd finished riding, the clouds had increased in number but it was still quite nice.

Then it rained a bit, and there was a nice rainbow. Then it got grey and there was another little bit of rain, so we got slightly damp on while we were walking Jo. By the time we got back from our walk, the wind was picking up a bit.

By the time we brought the boys in (early, for the farrier), things were pretty much horizontal: both the rain and, when I dashed up to re-assemble the electric fence*, several of the fence posts.


* It's getting soggy up there, and the first (and steepest) gateway is really quite horrible, so we temporarily moved the fence so that they could leave the field through the other gate.

As seen in The Horse Next Door's field: a primrose. Flowering.