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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2015-11-07 06:11 pm


Today, it was less wet than forecast and very windy, in the direction away from the neighbours, so we've now disposed of the leylandii pile. Of course, we'll be making a new pile tomorrow, but there we go.... It having been wet, and the wood being so green, the fire was incredibly smoky. The ducks were unimpressed when the garden filled with smoke and came charging through to the stableyard to get away from it, only to be met with an enormous fire and, because the wind was very gusty, random puffs of smoke that followed them around.

Other than that, I've mostly been starting on a little quilt for Baby Next Door's Christmas present. I have left this shockingly late, by my standards, but only decided I was actually going to do it a few days ago. Still, I've made good progress with it, and should easily be able to get enough done that I'm ready to do the first hand sewn part at the same time as Novacon, which will be convenient: I can't do long spells of hand sewing any more, but the odd half hour in the bar should be fine.