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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2015-10-11 06:09 pm


Today, I decided to start making the notebook cover kit that I got for my birthday. Happily, there was enough fabric to make one that (fingers crossed) will fit my five-year diary, even though it's slightly bigger and much thicker than the book that was supplied. I've made good progress but probably should have stopped before I actually did, as my hands are complaining a bit now. Oops. I just wanted to finish the bit I was on.... The rest of it is now mostly machine work, other than a couple of little bits like a few french knots for eyes, so I should be ok with it but I think it should wait for another day.

This morning, to some alarums, we put the muzzle on Bugs for a few seconds and then took it off again and gave him sweeties. When we went to do it for real this afternoon, he did complain a bit but was better than yesterday or this morning. Whether that's because he's given up arguing or because I wrapped a rope around his nose and dangled off it when he tried to get away remains to be seen. And he didn't manage to get it off, either because the velcro was in a different place or because we strapped his headcollar on top. Anyway, Mike's working in town again on Tuesday so, as I doubt that I'll be able to do the job on my own, he's probably only got one more day to cope with.

We took Jo to the beach this afternoon, where we met what seemed like half the dog owners in eastern Kent. She did very well with the company (even a pack of four small white yappy things that descended on her) until she got tired, and then she just slunk away from everyone except us. I'm pleased to report that she seems to be less stiff when she gets up, so the drugs are working. Not sure if that means she's on metacam for life or if they'll give her something else instead, but we're back at the vet on Friday to find out.