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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2015-10-10 06:27 pm

Greedy troughers

The boys have been taking advantage of all the lovely grass in our field and stuffing themselves silly, so that they're not really finishing their hay. That's not necessarily a problem (although we worry slightly about the amount of sugar, both in terms of GB's medial stuff and in terms of them (especially Bugs) having too much energy and being silly when they're ridden), but I don't like the idea of them stuffing themselves and then having to stand in the stable because of the colic risk.

This afternoon, then, after Mike had done some strimming and I planted some bare-root wallflowers that came in the post, we went to put their muzzles on so that they could have a couple of hours to digest while moving around. GB was a very good boy, but Bugs was deeply unimpressed with the whole plan, and showed Mike his heels a few times. We did eventually get it on him, though, and we could hear him snorting away in annoyance later, when Mrs Next Door brought Baby over to see the ducks (Baby loves the ducks. 'Qua- qua-' was fairly high on his list of early words).

Unfortunately, by the time we went to bring them in he'd managed to rub the velcro open and get it off. Sigh. I guess we'll try again tomorrow, maybe with a different one (we have a couple of different designs), although getting it on him will no doubt be fun.

At least it's only for a few days, hopefully: once they've taken the top off the grass it shouldn't be such an issue.

(We've seen a couple of goldfinches on the feeder: yay! Probably about time to be putting the main feeders out, too.)