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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2015-09-13 11:22 am


We have fake eggs in the ducks' house, to encourage them to lay their rather than out in the garden.

They used to be ceramic ones, until Jodie crunched them up, and now they're rubber. She must have been poking around in there yesterday* while we weren't looking, because when I was cleaning their bed I noticed one of them was outside. I couldn't pick it up at the time, because the ducks were having second breakfast**, and I forgot to remind Mike to get it when he put them to bed, and this morning it's gone.

Presumably some critter has carried it gleefully away for later consumption and then been very disappointed!

* Jodie *loves* eggs, and even though she knows she's not really supposed to go in there she is sometimes overcome by temptation.
** Most days, they wander from the garden back into the yard at about the time when I'm cleaning their bed, because they know I'll give them a handful of corn to keep them from getting underfoot. Today, they were late (I heard Esme trying to chivvy the others through while I was in their stable, but she didn't succeed until after I'd finished and started sweeping the yard), but they started following me around, staring and making hopeful noises, so I went in the barn and got them some corn anyway. Mike says I'm a soft touch, but this is obviously not true: if it was, Jodie would get far more eggs than she does, right?