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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2015-08-25 06:38 pm

And yet...

Another two inches and counting of rain today. The fish pond is now very topped up!

Back to the hospital again (only two more visits), via Canterbury. On the way there, I broke a nail wrestling with gates in the wind and rain, on the way back my brolly bit the dust. Took the exit for the hospital when I wanted the one for the station (to buy chorizo from the food place next to it), so had to fight through Canterbury traffic, then popped into M&S on the off chance as I was passing and got some there, so I could have parked on the original side of town in the end.

The rain was supposed to have stopped earlier, but it didn't so we got rather soggy bringing the boys in, and I dare say I'll get soggy again later putting the ducks to bed and giving the boys their late-night hay.

And yet: so much better than yesterday!