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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2015-08-13 07:38 pm

Foggy! But then sunny later.

1) Riding lesson this morning, we're both (possibly all four!) a bit knackered now!

2) I interrupted some hot girl-on-girl action in the pool earlier. The duck's pool, that is: Magrat had once again cornered Agnes and climbed on top of her. What is is with us and gay animals?

3) I've got some saffron bulbs coming soon, so this afternoon I started clearing the places where they're going to go: I've got a whole long bed that's going to come out over the winter and be replaced with herbs and things, but the saffron wants to go in now, so today I pulled out some Lady's Mantle, a couple of boring grass/fern type things and a rather pathetic rose (which fought back). I've left a couple of things that I'm going to move to other locations to wait until the winter.
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2) Have you thought perhaps the lack of a drake may have something to do with it?