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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2015-04-24 11:39 am

The Curse Of The Middle Stable

We have three stables (well, actually, we have five, but one of them is full of wood and the other is where the ducks live). GB has the one on the end, which is partly connected to the one in the middle: there's a hole in the wall, with metal bars in it.

Baby used to be in the middle stable, and we used to often complain about how messy his bed was by the morning, especially compared to GB (who is rather meticulous with his: he's so gay*). When Bugs came along, and moved into the stable on the other side of Baby's (without a connecting window), his bed was a mess as well at first, but we made allowances for the fact that he'd been living in a field for the last however-long, and indeed after a month or so he was nearly as neat at GB.

* In the 20th century sense, rather than either the 19th one (ha ha, yeah, right) or the 21st one. Seriously, we think that he is.

Then, as part of the process of weaning GB off his reliance on the Baby, we swapped their stables a few days ago.

Baby's bed is now really quite neat, Bugs' is a horrible mess.

My current theory is that GB snores, or does the horse equivalent of tuneless whistling and/or creepy staring all night....

ION, just back from the GP: partial win, in that the form has been completed and signed but then they had to keep it so that it could be scanned onto their systems. Fingers crossed.

(It occurred to me last night that I actually have a pretty easy way of making my test scores worse: just stop wearing the splints.... I don't think I will, though.)