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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2015-04-20 05:24 pm


... I believe that having ones ducks in a row is considered to be a good thing?

We're now fairly sure that Esk is the one with the pink eggs, mostly because we've not had any for a while and Agnes is at near-Esme levels of being a greedy trougher, so she must be laying!

Jodie was displaying all of her own personal signs of Flop Bot last week (mostly chewing her back legs; her bot doesn't actually go flop), so I took her to the vet on Friday to have her bum squeezed. She's still chewing and scratching away now, though, so I've just been to pick up a prescription for steroids. Because they need to be tapered off, the instructions were so long that they didn't all fit on the label and I had to get the nurse to pull them up on screen for me to have a look at: oops. Hopefully that'll fix her, though: the vet wants me to call and let her know on Thursday, so it should be pretty quick.

Today we also had the dentist out to see the boys (well, Baby and Bugface: GB's such an old man now that he only gets done once a year). Bugs was a bit of a silly at first, until he realised that the whirring, vibrating metal pole that had been stuck in his gagged-open mouth wasn't actually going to hurt him (actually, I can see his point when I put it like that) after which he was as good as gold. The dentist was a bit unimpressed with his teeth, which had some nasty sharp points that has left red marks inside his mouth, but they're all sorted now. It's quite likely that having the bit in his mouth has been a bit sore, too, so hopefully he'll be more relaxed when he's working now, too.