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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2015-03-07 07:13 pm

I should update....

Um, yeah. Got out of the habit. Must do better.

There's been Stuff, of two varieties, of which more to follow, locked.

I'm still sore from Bugs' little Incident, but I did notice that I was fine on GB during Thursday's lesson, a bit sore on Baby in the canter transition ditto, and then really uncomfortable cantering Bugs in the woods this morning. I'm starting to think that I did (as I'd tried/thought) manage to land on my side when I came off, and the soreness around my tailbone (which I'm fairly sure is muscular, not the actual bone) is from bouncing up and down on the saddle before I actually came off him!

We've been doing lots of gardening the last couple of days: Mike's taken out some shrubs, one dead from the back garden (no idea what happened: we pruned it very lightly last winter and then it was dead in the spring. Don't even really know what it was, it was just growing over the path and needed tidying up) and three living from the border in front of the house. That border now looks very bare, even given the snowdrops that were struggling on under the shrubs, but it can having bedding plants this year and we've plans (eg, a grape vine) for it in future. I've mostly been weeding, and making a concerted effort to actually get rid of the bloody buttercups that are infesting some of the flower beds (rather than just pulling off the leaves like I did last summer). And Mike mowed the front lawn, and then concluded that the ducks must have been nibbling on it over the winter as he didn't actually get much off it.

I'm starting to think that I might have carpel tunnel syndrome. For the last couple of months, I've been getting slightly numb, slightly pins-and-needles sensations in my hands, eg when riding or when mucking out, as well as in bed. I did a bit of googling this afternoon, and CTS sounds like a fairly good fit, especially as it's apparently got a fairly strong hereditary factor: my mother had surgery on her wrists when I was about ten, although hers was caused by wringing out cloths. I did an online (NHS-Direct-linked-to) survey and it said I had a 50% probability based on history and symptoms, but then the GP's notes for same say to refer if the patient scores over 20%. I suppose I'd better go to the Doc, which I've been avoiding for complicated reasons related to birth control and my age. Sigh.

It's looking increasingly as though the boys' field domination games have resolved with Bugs being in charge. GB seems to be ok with it, though, so I think we'll live with it. He wasn't top boy at his old yard, and he managed ok, but there he had all the other boys to boss around (top boy was only interested in the mares, and GB is apparently gay so didn't care), so not sure how it will play out without Baby around. Today was all very peaceful, with GB and Baby at one end of the field and Bugs at the other.