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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2014-05-06 12:15 pm

Woodpeckers. And holes.

We've had a lovely weekend, with F&E staying: pretty relaxed, mostly, and some nice walks. Last night, we thought 'what the hell' and invited the Next Doors over for dinner, too. Now, I think we'll just have a few quiet days!

I took GB out for a lovely hack, this morning: Mike wanted to take the Baby out on his own, so we got to go a lot faster than we usually do, and go down a few paths that the Baby can't manage (either because they're too steep or because they have trees down over them; there was one that I'd been eyeing up for a few weeks, thinking that I was fairly sure I could *just* squeeze under, and I was right, although I felt it on my back!). Nearly came off at one point, when I was *sure* that he was refusing a jump and so sat back ready for him to stop dead. Then the little monster took it from an almost standing start instead, and I flew up out of the saddle; not sure how I managed to land back square on him without even coming down heavily on his back, but I did!

He was a little disturbed about being on his own, particularly each time we went through a gate ("Oh no! Now I can't get home without human assistance!"), but he was mostly good until we actually got back to our valley, at which point it had started raining a bit and I gave up arguing and let him canter home: fortunately, TWWOTV was out!

I even saw a fox, up in the woods, although she turned tail and dashed into the undergrowth as soon as she saw us coming. That's the first that either of us has seen since we moved here.

We've been seeing a pair of greater spotted woodpeckers a lot, too. They've been taking turns coming to visit our bird feeders, and Mr Next Door told us where their nest is, in the field over the road:

Hopefully they'll be bringing the chicks over this way too, when they're a bit older.

GB was out of food, yesterday. Mike went and got the full bag of feed out from TWWOTV's feed bin, so that we could have a look and see if it was damp. It wasn't, but when he opened it there was a surprised-looking mouse inside, just like those toys that you get in boxes of cereal. Sadly for Jodie, it was apparently a shoddily-made, cheap toy: she'd barely played with it for five minutes when it broke and she lost interest. So, just like the ones you get in boxes of cereal, really! We've ordered a new feed bin, and Mr Next Door says he'll bring his angle grinder over next weekend and chop up the old one so that we can get it out of there. We also filled a whole wheelie bin with spoiled feed, which is an annoying waste.

I think I've got the front bed in the garden under control, now. It should just need poking with a hoe occasionally. Now I just have to do the same for all the other beds.... This garden has too much soil.

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