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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2013-12-16 04:12 pm


Mike's brother and his family have been for a flying visit (the brother with the angelically good children). Yesterday, we had dog walking in the rain, pony rides in the rain (much to GB's annoyance), card games and tasty curry for dinner.

Today, the kids helped us to walk the dogs around the field (for which we were very grateful: this was the first time we'd had both the Next Doors' dogs, the WWOTV's dogs and the WWOTV's ex-husband's dogs, and nine was a bit of a handful! I really should have taken a picture, but am an idiot and didn't think to) we went up to the Devil's Kneeding Trough, where there was a lovely view of the cloud that we were in the middle of, and then had lunch at a nice, and very dog friendly, pub in Wye: we'll go back there, the food was lovely if a little slow to arrive.

It's just possible that went into Plokta Cabal mode when preparing for the visit: the fridge is still rather stuffed, even though they've now gone back to Dublin....

It seems to always rain when we have visitors, annoyingly. It was better than the forecast, though, so that's something.

Tomorrow, we have more rain on the forecast, and we have our first proper lessons with our new instructor. At least if it's raining GB will be up for doing some work!

(Peter O'Toole (rose_gialle) and Joan Fontaine (clanwilliam). They're now joint second.)

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