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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2013-12-07 03:51 pm


Yesterday, Jodie got to go off the lead in the woods for the first time since she cut her leg: I did take the precaution of waiting until she was a bit tired, and keeping to the more open paths so that she wouldn't be tempted to go off into the undergrowth and risk snagging her bootie on anything, though.

She seemed to enjoy it:

Last night, the Next Doors came around for dinner. Mr Next Door mentioned at one point that he'd found a load of sharp bits of tin lying around on the ground in the woods, and we compared reference points until we realised that it was, in fact, in that bit of longer stuff where the above photo was taken. And where Jodie flushed a bunny on the day that she cut her leg. That would explain how she managed to get such a neat, deep cut, then. Oops.

Today, we should we'd take her to the beach, so that she could romp around without even her bootie without danger of getting her stitches caught on anything. Unfortunately, the beach had decided to take the day off:


I've lately been nagging Mike, whenever he goes on a shopping trip, to find me some sort of platform bird feeder that I can hang in the tree, as I suspect that the bits of bacon rid I've been occasionally putting on the sun dial are actually being got by the foxes, not the birds. Having tried all the usual suspects, he eventually got one online, and it arrived yesterday.

This morning, as we were coming in from the stables, I looked to see where Jodie was, and this caught my eye:

In our defence, the tree had leaves last time we looked at it.... Oops.

(And, annoyingly, my phone camera is again taking pictures with white blur around the edges of the sky, so I fear that the replacement lens cover is going to same way as the previous one. Not sure what to do, I might have to actually get a proper Apple replacement or something.)

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