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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2013-11-29 03:40 pm

Good and bad

As I was walking the pooch in the woods on Wednesday, and incidentally admiring the fine collection of twigs she'd put together:

my phone went beep and "Bridge!" said [livejournal.com profile] dougs, as he and J came for a visit.

Vast amounts of food were heroically consumed, and we had a wander around Faversham, which has a pretty church (indeed, lots of pretty old buildings) and not much else:

Unfortunately, as we were on a pre-lunch walk in the woods this afternoon, Mike said "There's blood on Jodie's foot!", and indeed there was. Masses of it. We brought her home and, after hosing it off, I slapped some gamgee and horse bandage on (I *knew* that horse first aid kit would come in useful!) and whisked her off to the vet, at which point the clot that had formed in the car came off, and through the soaked bandage, and left a nice trail all over their floor.... The nurse popped out and re-dressed it while we waited for the vet: I was amused to see that she was using exactly the same stuff I'd used, just on *much* smaller rolls.

She has a nice big cut under her stopper pad, which (the vet just called to say she was waking up) has now been thoroughly cleaned, neatened up and stitched closed. She's going to have to be on the lead, with a plastic bag over her foot, for a couple of weeks, but is otherwise fine. We're going to get her in half an hour or so. No word yet on if there will be a cone of shame involved.

Of course, this may bugger up plans for tomorrow: I was going to go up to London for lunch, but will probably cancel if she's being pathetic, and we were all going to spend the evening at a party, but ditto. Hmm. Play it by ear, I guess.

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