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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2013-01-22 03:44 pm


Although it wasn't, in the end, a nightmare journey, Friday was probably not the ideal day to drive from London to Chester, nor Sunday the best day to drive back again. Still, all of Mike's Mother's descendants made it with relatively little travel trouble. Mike spent the entire weekend driving around saying "I can't believe there's this much snow in Chester...".

Back at home, [livejournal.com profile] vgrumpybastard has been stuck in his stable for five days, now, other than a couple of half-hour breaks in the snow-covered sand school (I dread to think how long it's going to take for the school to be back in use, now that it's been churned up and the snow compacted!). I had hoped that I'd be able to get him out today, just for half an hour of plodding around the flatter local roads, but I was stymied by the fact that there is a couple of metres of completely smooth compacted snow to get over, around the gates, between the stable yard (mostly cleared, or at least crunchy) and the road (a bit icy at the edges but fine in the tire tracks). I'm not at all sure that I'm going to be able to get up the lane for my lesson tomorrow, but I really think he needs to get out and move around so I'm going to go out a bit earlier and see if I can do anything with a shovel and some grit. I have reasonable hopes that I'll be able to get a path through the owner's driveway (which we aren't normally allowed to use), particularly as it's thawed a bit this afternoon.

(I totally stole the grit, but I'm treating it as payment: no one else bothered to grit the entrance to our flats, so after I'd done it I took another bag full out of the grit box and stuck it in the car, Just In Case.)

(I actually think, if I could get there safely, that I'd be absolutely fine to hack him out in the woods: no one else dares, because horses with shoes don't cope very well with snow on account of getting lumps of ice inside their feet, but that's not a problem with him! Sadly, I'm fairly certain that that end of the lane will be a sheet of ice by now, with people driving over it.)

On the plus side, he had the chiropractor in today, and she said he was doing fabulously, so at least he's not stiffened up entirely with standing in.

Mike had a second go on Andrew, on Monday night, and pronounced himself quite happy with him. I might start making vague enquiries about price.

Despite riding on Monday night and pilates this morning, I'm feeling distinctly underexercised. Bleh. May have to get the wii fit out.

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