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clothsprogs ([personal profile] clothsprogs) wrote in [personal profile] flick 2017-06-02 03:27 pm (UTC)

"I've just, on the off chance, checked with my sister to see if we've got the kind of CTS that responds well to steroid injections, but she says "really painful and did nothing", so it doesn't seem worth making an appointment with the hospital about it."

Sounds the similar to mine - though sleeping in the wrist braces you recommended has done wonders. The right brace arrived the other day and two nights with it on have resulted in almost all of the residual numbness from last year in the right hand evaporating.

The left hand has returned to it's pre-injection state but that's better than it was before I started using the brace, so it's not all bad and at lest I now know that the injections are a waste of time.

Hopefully you will find something that improcves it for you.


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