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We have several robins around the house. There's one who has the stableyard, one who has the front garden and one who has the back garden. I'm not sure if Back Garden Robin's territory extends in the field (or, more usefully for a robin, the field hedge) or not.

I've always felt that, whether he has the field hedge or not, Back Garden Robin has the worse deal. Stableyard Robin has it pretty good, with all the insects he can eat from the muck heap and occasional forays into the duck's stable and the barn to pick up bits of dropped feed. The clear winner at this time of year, though, is Front Garden Robin: the ducks are off lay, which means they're not very interested in their high fat, high protein chicken feed, so the tin just sits there waiting for someone else to have a go. Even when the ducks go back on lay (and Esk has been showing signs of interest in food the last few days), there are all the bits dropped from the bird feeders (although we've cracked down on those this year, and decided that two feeders of sunflower seeds per day is the absolute maximum. Even if I relent and re-fill them at lunch time when it gets very cold, we're hoping to keep it down to no more than one 20kg sack a month. Plus the peanuts and fat balls and niger seeds, obviously).

Yesterday, I was weeding the flowerbed next to the drive while Mike trimmed the hedge. I looked around at one point and saw two robins sitting watching me in that checking-for-worms way that they do.

Even given that the drive is probably the boundary between Stableyard and Front Garden, I was surprised to see two so close together. They weren't posturing at each other, just checking what I was doing and keeping half an eye on Jo.

We did have baby robins in the garden this year, so I wonder if they're related and still young enough to put up with each other.

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