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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2016-11-07 07:11 pm

Agitated pooch

Mike's in London today, which always makes Jo a bit worried. What's worse, although she's only just starting to realise after I had dinner on my own, is that he's got a dinner meeting so he won't be back for a few more hours yet. It'll be interesting to see if she wants to go for a run in the field while I'm doing the boys or if she'll go and camp out by the drive to wait for him.

While I was eating, she jumped up and started barking at some nearer-than-usual owls.

Just as I was about to bring the boys in earlier, she suddenly started proper barking, of the 'there is a person on the property' variety* from the front garden. When I went over, I couldn't see anyone around but then, a few minutes later, a woman drove down the hill and got out to ask if I'd seen her lost sausage dog, which made me go 'aha', as Jo sometimes also barks when people walk past with dogs. I told her what had happened and she drove off down the road to look for him, but came back a couple of minutes later dogless. Hope she manages to track him down!

We're having a bit of a spate of lost dogs recently (I've had a couple of texts from Not-Very-Next-Door Neighbour, as well as the one Mike found), hopefully it won't last.

* This is pretty much the only thing that really gets her going, and she keeps it up until she's sure we know about the intruder. For a generally very quiet dog (other than this it's just an occasional woof when she's very excited), this is a remarkably good choice of things to complain about! It was slightly embarrassing the time when she decided that Mrs Up The Hill wasn't allowed in her own field without permission, though....

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