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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2016-06-04 10:40 am

More wildlife

A couple of times recently, I've seen a small bird flying out of GB's stable. I assumed it was probably a robin, and hoped that it might be building a nest in there. (GB had a robin that built a nest in his stable at the livery yard, once.)

Today, I went in to start mucking out and heard cheeping from the rafters, which was pleasing, and then a little later I saw a wren pause on the door, beak full of food, before dashing inside!

Mike's walking the Elham Valley Way today. (It has the advantage of passing through the woods by our house, so he can give up part way if 22 miles is starting to seem like too much.) I, on the other hand, am absolutely determined to plant out at least some of the greenery that's filling the conservatory....

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