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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2016-05-12 08:23 pm

Bits and bobs

I've started on my next quilt project, which is going to be a present for my parents on a nautical theme. My wrists are a bit unhappy with me: I've been cutting out lots of bits of fabric, and for some reason that always makes them a bit sore (in a way that cutting paper doesn't, oddly).

Mike managed to mow the back lawn, which really did need it. He's been in London a lot with work this week, so it remains to be seen when he'll next get a chance to do the front.... I've been weeding, and inspecting plant-or-weed candidates. There are a mass of seedlings in the front bed, with two distinct leaf shapes. One of them is either tomatoes or tomatillos (makes sense, as there were some there last year), but I'm not yet sure what the other is. I must make time to weed the sides of the drive tomorrow, it's a state. Ditto around the fish pond, which I didn't remember to do when I did the rest of the gravel a few days ago.

This evening, Mike went to his first Pilates class. I've been trying to get him into a local one for about six months, and a space finally came up in the nearest. The fact that she has so few spaces opening up is probably a good sign, and it's a bonus that there are some other men in the class so that he doesn't feel too silly!

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