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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2016-03-02 07:05 pm

The Archers

Can I recommend The Ambridge Observer? And express (impressed) bogglement that the Helen Titchener Rescue Fund has raised £60k for Refuge?

(I'm eagerly awaiting an increased number of media pieces about Helen and Rob, because they'll signal Something Happening that will wrap the whole horrible thing up. I can barely stand to listen. At present, it looks like it might lead to Kirsty and Tom getting back together, as well, given they're the only people who're suspicious. Or Helen will die. One or the other.)

I had a fun drive home from Pilates today: about half way through the class, a hail shower made it suddenly dark enough to turn the lights on (this never happens, it's a very bright space), and then the motorway was a lovely, spray-filled mass of wet snow swirling about in the gusts of wind. And something thrown up by a lorry in front of me chipped the windscreen, although thankfully it's only tiny. The boys, Mike reports, were Unimpressed.

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