flick: (Default)
Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2016-02-26 05:27 pm

Not bad for an old man....

(It's a good sign of general physical fitness when horses can still roll all the way over. Even though he can't manage on a slope any more, GB's still got it in the school!)

ION, Jodie has successfully vanquished the vacuum cleaner, for the third time in six months. And my parents arrive tomorrow. Oh, how we laughed before sending a frantic text to Mrs Next Door.

Given that this is the second Gtech AirRam (which we bought to replace the very sickly Dyson) that has died in the same way, I think we might be saying 'refund' when they offer to send us another new one. Does anyone have any recommendations...? We are liking the cordless and lightweight thing, but it's not essential.

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