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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2016-02-25 09:38 pm

Oops. Oops. Doh.

This afternoon, on my way to settle down for a bit of sewing, I went to get a drink and noticed that the shelf next to the Aga, on which my little wooden DCUK duck lives, was dusty.

My parents are visiting this weekend, so this reminded me that I needed to Clean The Kitchen. (I'm a terrible slattern, and so don't do things like move the flour canisters and wipe under them on a weekly, let alone daily, basis.)

Several hours later, I finished (although I didn't bother washing the paintwork down, so I doubt it will Do).

This evening, on my way to get a drink before settling down with my book, I noticed that the shelf next to the Aga was still dusty, so I quickly moved the duck off it and wiped it down (after checking that I hadn't hallucinated the rest of the cleaning).

A little later, Mike accidentally knocked the duck off the place where I'd left it (and where it should not have been, so wasn't present in Mike's mental map of the kitchen), at which point its head and half of a welly broke off. Nothing I can't fix with a bit of glue.

I did start to wonder how the wood had got so brittle that it would snap like that, until I remembered that it had been on the shelf next to the Aga for several years.

And, in writing this, I've remembered that I didn't wipe the cupboard doors. Something for tomorrow....

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