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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2016-02-02 06:23 pm

Short memories....

The ducks were a bit out of sorts on Sunday, especially when it came to time for bed: without Esme to chivvy them inside, we had to go and herd them. They managed it on their own this evening, though, and they're back on the flowerbeds when I'm weeding, although much more quietly: I keep thinking that they've wandered off, but every time I turn around with a nice juicy worm to see where they've gone, there's a beak waiting for me to hand it over.

Jodie was a bit confused, as well: she usually waits in the front garden until they've come through, and yesterday she was there for longer then usual, waiting for them all to arrive.

We've been keeping a close eye one them, and they don't seem to be getting poorly. It's a good job, because there's not much we could do to stop it: I could change their bedding and disinfect their house, but I can't do that for the whole garden!

They're forecasting a little snow tomorrow, but I doubt that it will happen. Chilly out there, though.

(Thank you to everyone who said sympathetic things about Esme. Thank you also to all the people who resisted the urge to say "It's only a bloody duck"!)

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