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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2016-01-28 12:32 pm

Diversions and alarums

Mike's in London working so, as I often do on such days, this morning I led both of the boys down to the school to put them through their paces.

Whenever I do this, I stop outside the school, let them both go, close the gates to stop them getting out, and then reclaim the one who's going first and take him into the school. I do this safe in the knowledge that they will go "ooh, grass" rather than "ooh, the chance to ESCAPE". This morning, for reasons best known to my subconscious, I took them into the school before letting them go.

They looked at the floor, briefly, to check for grass, and then Bugs wandered off to the other end of the school to stare down the valley. I sighed, started to go after him, and then got diverted by the fact that GB, ignoring the fact that he was wearing a saddle, had decided that this was a good time to lie down and have a nice roll. Then Bugs decided that the view down the valley wasn't sufficiently diverting and decided that he'd like to perform a complex series of acrobatic manoeuvres, preferably without touching the ground.

GB, by this time, had realised that something was interfering with his rolling, and so performed his own aerial acrobatics in an attempt to remove the obstruction. After a little while, he stopped and lay down on the other side to see if that worked better. It didn't, so he joined back in with Bugs.

I sighed and went back out of the school to close the gates.

Round and round they went, until GB got tired of it and came to stand apologetically by the gate. Bugs, however, was enjoying himself too much, so he came charging back to the gate himself and off they went again. And again. And again.

Eventually, I was quick enough to nip in and remove GB before Bugs realised I was spoiling the fun and, by the time I'd taken GB's saddle off and reattached it on the top of his back, rather than under his belly*, Bugs had also come to stand by the gate and look innocent.

* Bugs was going first, so I'd left the girth very slack, but I was still quite impressed.

I started off lunging Bugs (still not riding him when I'm on my own, Just In Case) with a certain amount of trepidation, in case he decided that he'd been having such fun that he wanted to carry on, but actually he was good as gold: I guess he'd worked his fidgets out. When I was done, I put his rug back on and discovered that he'd managed to break the clip on one of the straps. This was particularly impressive given that (as he was only supposed to be wearing it for a short, sedate walk to the school) I'd not actually fastened that strap.

There was also a little trepidation when I go on GB, in case he'd done himself an injury, but he seemed to be fine and, given that he'd recently been charging about the place like something a tenth of his age, I figured he could work a bit harder than usual and we had a good session.

Note to self: just leave them outside to eat the grass next time, ok?

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