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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2015-12-03 02:42 pm

New specs

This afternoon, in the woods, Jodie acquired a lovely yellow leaf in one ear. It was terribly stylish and more than usually firmly attached, although she still lost it before she got home. Not to be out-done, Esme got herself a tasteful leaf necklace, which she wore for the rest of the day (until I took it off as she went in to bed, just in case it was potentially painful):

After we brought the boys in, I went into Canterbury for a bit of shopping and an eye test: new glasses the week after next, and (hurrah! finally! hate the bloody wonky things!) new sunglasses as well. I've just realised that they didn't give me my new prescription on a card, which is annoying. I hope it's not New Policy on the grounds that they can look it up for you on the computer if needed, especially given that their computer obviously sucks (rather than be able to just look it up, someone had to spend half an hour trying to call the branch in London that my previous pair came from to find out how much lens thinning they had on them and, when she eventually got through, was told that they couldn't find the record...). Must remember to ask for it when I go to collect the new ones.

The change is mostly (as ever) on my astigmatism. They have a fancy new (to me) machine that they use instead of the big metal frames with the slot-in lenses: much, much quicker (especially for the astigmatism bit, which always used to take forever), but gave me odd visual effects when the 'lenses' were changing from one setting to another (especially for the astigmatism bit). I suspect I'd have felt nauseous if I were that way inclined.

Right at the end, after I'd chosen my frames and lenses, the not-optician used a Device to measure my pupil distance and went "hmmm," especially when I casually 'mentioned' that I'd had to get my last pair re-made after they got it wrong (gosh, five years ago!). He took my current glasses away to see what the measurement was on those, and came back with the optician, who used the Device, went 'hmmm,' used a ruler, used a different ruler, want 'hmmm' some more about the fact that all four readings were different, and eventually told him to get them made the same as my current pair.

(Mike got new glasses a couple of weeks ago as well: a reading pair and a driving pair spare reading pair ("My driving prescription hasn't changed in 20 years!"), for an eighth of what my pair plus half-price sunglasses cost. Sigh.)

On the way home, I heard Hilary Benn's speech from last night on PM . Gosh, that was rather good, wasn't it? (Whether you agree with him / his politics or not, IMO.)

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