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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2015-11-03 08:28 am

Felting and a garden question

This morning, I went to the first of three weekly half-day needle felting classes. I'd been vaguely intrigued by some of the needle felted things I see for a while, so when I saw this one on the Kent Adult Education website I thought I'd give it a go.

The instructor was ferociously disorganised (didn't tell us her name until half an hour in, and forgot the "what to do in case of fire" spiel until the end of the class, just for example), which made me hope that she was some kind of super expert needle felter, but actually I think she's just done a class or two on it herself.... Still, she seems nice enough, and we did eventually settle down and start on our creations.

Also in the group is a trio of WI mates, who were found everything very jolly (oops! I stabbed myself in the finger! oops! This sphere I'm making isn't remotely spherical! oops! my koala looks more like an owl... guess I'll make an owl instead!) and seemed very nice. There's another, much quieter, trio of friends, and then two women who were there on their own who turned up with the kits already (modestly, "Oh, I've done a little bit, but not very much"), and proceeded to spend most of the session trying to out-compete each other in a) how many crafts they do and b) how much work they do with variously disadvantaged children ("I don't think this will really be suitable for my book on crafts for autistic children, but I might be able to use some of the ideas" "These will be just perfect for selling on my stall to raise money for disabled children"). And me, natch. I turned up with the stuff as well, but explained -- when one of the WI ladies asked if I'd done lots of it before -- that I'd bought a £15 kit on eBay on the grounds it would probably be better quality than the one that was being provided for a tenner, which got sage nods.

I was going to make a little spherical robin, of the hanging-on-the-Christmas-tree variety, but my sphere also wasn't terribly spherical, so I turned it into a realistic bird shape, instead. Still needs wings, tail and face, but I'm quite pleased so far! I will have a go at a little spherical robin as well, though. I think I'll try following the instructions that came with my kit, rather than the method the instructor told us today to see if it's easier.

Our hot water tanks's been making those cylon noises again, which always worried me slightly. It didn't think morning, but then neither did the heating come on.... Fortunately, the heating engineer was coming today anyway, to service it and cap off the old oil pipe for the Aga, so it worked out quite conveniently. Apparently, the noise was a failing valve trying to open, and today it actually died. Still, that's all done now, although he did mention as he was leaving that the boiler doesn't have a fire cut-off valve, so that's another job to get booked in with one of his colleagues.

I've got various pots in the conservatory with little plants in them: phlox, penstemon, lupins, hollyhocks. The first pair I grew from seed, the second came as plug plants and got potted on. Am I supposed to leave them as they are until spring, or should they go in the garden now?

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