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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2015-10-25 05:07 pm


The plan for the afternoon was that, while Mike chainsawed the leylandii into more manageable chunks, I would rebuild the fire ready for next time, making sure that all the bits too heavy to throw onto a lit fire were already in there waiting.

But then I got about half way through doing that and it caught light again, so there we go!

The laylandii, unfortunately, defeated the chainsaw, but only right at the end when the last remaining lump was just about small enough for us to roll over to the fire and flop on top. Not sure what happened to the chainsaw, it just stopped. Mike is, of course, devastated by this loss, but he's bravely keeping his spirits up by looking at new ones.

I have kept two of the fence panels, because they did such a good job of keeping the inside of the main fire dry until the wind changed enough to light it: we also have a pile of garden stuff to burn on the *other* bonfire pile, which is in a bit of a state because we had to just heap it up any old how to make room for parking at the BBQ. A job for fairly soon, then, is to go and pull it all out, build it into a proper fire that will actually catch nicely, and then cover it up until we get a good day to set it going.

It is nice that the stableyard is back to normal again. Well, apart from a couple of lumps of concrete that old gateposts were embedded in, which we'll have to take to the tip if we can get them in the car. And a big pile of soon-to-be ash, which I suspect we're going to have to shovel into bag and take to the same place, as it's going to be full of nails and suchlike that I don't want the horses getting into....

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