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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2015-10-23 02:44 pm

Oh, the excitement. With qualifications.

This morning, I rode Bugs, who was a bit nervous to start off with but calmed down fairly quickly. (This is not the exciting part, by any means.)

While I was doing so, I tried to figure out what the small lorry that had disgorged a small gaggle of hi-viz-wearing people was doing, stopped randomly in the road a little way off. I did worry that it was the bin lorry, broken down, but eventually decided (and later confirmed, when they came further along and stopped near our house) that they were actually fixing the road! Very exciting, although we haven't yet had a chance to see what they've fixed it with. Given that, further along, they've cleared away a pile of washed-down-the-hill crap that I reported a little while ago, I have a slight fear that I might know what they've shovelled into the pot holes. Mike says I'm just being cynical, though.

(And, of course, the fact that they'd put a sign at the end of the road saying "Long delays likely" meant that the bin lorry crew went "meh, sod that" and didn't actually turn up....)

I was also wondering, as I rode and then mucked out, where the Aga Guys were: the Nice Man From Aga had promised me that we were their first job of the day, but apparently lied as they didn't get here until noon. Fortunately, this wasn't a problem: the decorator had already said he wouldn't come until tomorrow, and they and the electricians (who arrived at about the same time) were working in different places.

It turns out that Agas of A Certain Vintage are insulated with magic pixie dust. You can tell that it's magic pixie dust because it's so teeny tiny that it just goes right through the filter on a vacuum cleaner. It also hangs in the air beautifully, thus ensuring that the layer of pinkish dust that covers every flat surface in your nice big open-plan kitchen/dining room is even throughout. That was terribly exciting, in a sweary sort of way.

Not to be out-done, the electricians reported exciting rodent damage to some of the electrical cables running through the ceiling, as well as needing unscheduled emptying of part of not-a-loo, rearrangement of the study, and emptying of the fridge. On the plus side, they also temporarily took up some of the carpet upstairs and we have *lovely* floorboards. On the minus side, that's in the old bit of the house, so we still don't know what it's like downstairs or in the new bit, but it does lend encouragement to the vague plan to take up the downstairs (and, possibly, now, upstairs hall) carpets.

Pleasingly, behind the Aga is in much better shape than we'd feared, with barely any need to chip away plaster, so the decorator's job for this weekend will hopefully be nice and quick.

They didn't all clear off until gone 5pm, so by the time we'd (mostly) put things back where they belong and wiped away the dust we took an executive decision to go to the pub for dinner. Rabbit ragu was a bit of a win.

In between times, we've been reading the new Miles novel. That's quite exciting, too, but I shan't do spoilers.

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