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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2015-08-15 01:30 pm

Mucky (no, not the ducks. Oh, wait: Magrat, leave her alone!)

1) I spent a couple of hours this morning getting ahead of myself (or trying to) for numerous upcoming visitors. More still to do. Mike even tidied his desk!

2) Mike also trimmed hedges. The beech is now nearly all looking tidy again. I dug things up: more stuff-that's going (the saffron patch is now about half ready, I would guess), and half of the very congested and weed-filled patch of yellow irises, the best of which I've moved to the space I cleared yesterday. The other half will just have to wait and be moved at a less optimal time, as the bed where they're going is currently full of tomatoes. In the process, I found my very over-shadowed agapanthus, which I'd assumed had been got by some critter or other after I put them in last year: I've moved them as well, even though it will probably knock them back. Hopefully they'll be happier in the clearer patch where they are now.

3) The cows are out in the road, and will be for the next couple of weeks: upcoming visitors take note!

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